IMPS Investigations - Private Residence Sheridan, Wyoming

In what would be our first time invited to investigate a private residence, IMPS investigator Justin spent a few hours by himself in a reportedly haunted home in Sheridan, Wyoming. This occurred in late January of 2013, the 28th to be exact. What follows is evidence from a recorded investigation plus some additional thoughts as to who these spirits may be. Investigator Justin was house-sitting at the house during several periods in 2013 while the owner was away. Justin was allowed to visit the house weekly to make sure pipes weren't frozen and nobody had tampered with anything. Knowing this house was inhabited by at least one spirit, we brought along a digital camera and the Sony audio recorder. Because it is a private residence and we like to maintain the owner's anonymity, we can not post photos, although no photographic evidence was captured anyway.

Because this investigation happened five years ago from this writing, things may differ from what actually happened.

I do remember recording the following clips on the night of 1/28/13.

"Hello, Hello, Hello" - Recorded in the dining area, this clip begins with me checking out the fridge (probably for a free coke :P) and you hear the first voice say "City" or something like that. This is immediately followed by a female voice saying "hello, hello, hello", and it trails off. The clip ends with me whistling (but I don't remember the tune). It is played once as recorded, once amplified, once more with just the EVP, and again with noise reduction. The final portion of the clip has even more noise reduction plus it is slowed down. The owner of the home believes the male is her father, while the female is someone I brought along, possibly my deceased grandmother or aunt. I do not recognize the voice. A re-examination of this clip in 2019 reveals the possibility that the spirit is saying "Sixty five five five". There are more words after the last but they're too low to hear.

"Comfortable" or "Justin" - The homeowner believes this is her father, telling me to "not get so comfortable", as in all reality, it wasn't my house. I was just house sitting. This one is fairly clear, maybe one of the best EVP's we've ever recorded. Again you hear the original, then the amplified version. After that you hear noise reduction twice, slowed down, and reversed. There are actually two voices in this clip, one at the very end that overlaps the voice saying "comfortable".

Some additional thoughts:

Since this investigation, the owner has reported hearing footsteps that often wake her up. She believes it is not her father. She says her dog also notices this as well. When I was there the first time by myself I did feel a bit of unease but that did not last. The home is not scary, but I do believe based on what I have heard that it is indeed haunted. I also recall hearing my name being said one of the times I was there. Unfortunately I was not rolling tape.