Sheridan Legion IMPS Investigation

Intermountain Paranormal Investigator Justin was invited by honorary members Lori and Terri to investigate (for the second time) a reported hotspot of activity in Sheridan, Wyoming.... the American Legion. The investigation took place Thursday October 3, 2013, during a winter snow storm that would prove to be a doozy. The investigation began roughly around 9:30 pm, in the main bar of the facility. Equipment with Justin this time included the Sony HD Camera, a flashlight, a Sony audio recorder, a Cell Sensor EVP, and a Samsung Galaxy SIII running the app "Ghost Radar". This was not only a test of the Ghost Radar App, but also the effectivity of the Cell Senor EVP Meter, which didn't perform as well as I thought it would. I also have my doubts about the Ghost Radar App, as, well, its free, and how much can a Smart Phone detect ghosts. Supposedly, the app uses the phone's various sensors to address the area around it and produces words and blips where it thinks the "energy" is at. Because the app even says it has a range of 50 yards, I find its accuracy very questionable, although it did produce some interesting results at the Legion.
Investigator Terri also had the same application, albeit the $1.99 version "Ghost Radar Connect" on her iPhone, and it too was producing similar results. The two phones near each other did not produce the same results, which is disappointing, and shows that they really aren't to be trusted as serious Ghost Hunting Tools.

The investigation with Lori and Terri began in the main bar area of the Legion, and headed down into the office where a computer screen is. The computer screen shows the live feed of at least 7 cameras set up in different locations around the facility. These cameras have often caught strange phenomenon, orbs, and other interesting images.

We headed into the basement, where the last time I was there, I was touched at least twice. This sensation isn't something I'm unfamiliar with. At the Sheridan Inn, I was touched twice in the basement, and an EVP resulted at the same time. In the basement, we captured the EVPs you can find below. Terri's EVPs are the .wav files while mine, investigator Justin's, are .mp3s. I also caught a growl on video down here, which will be online soon.

After hearing numerous noises in the basement, including whispers, and a woman talking, we heard a distinctive growl (see audio/video) and Terri's dog Sami began seeing things we weren't. I walked to the back of the basement, which at one time was part of a stable, and heard footsteps above me. We were the only ones in the building at the time, and all three of us were downstairs. The basement has a tunnel, which once went somewhere I can't remember. This building has quite the history, which I will fill in, in a subsequent edit to this page.

We left the basement and headed back upstairs to the main floor, where the rest of the investigation took place. We sat at the bar for a time, reviewing evidence. Terri's dog Sami began running back and forth like crazy, and eventually began barking at something unseen near the liquor room at the rear of the facility (behind the stage). During this time, I had my recorder running, sitting on a table near that room. On my video camera, I could see light fluctuations, which turned out to be the camera trying to adjust for the lack of light. The Sony isn't exactly known for its night shooting capabilities. It lacks night vision my old cameras had.

The investigation wrapped up shortly after 11 pm, as the snow began to get heavier. Later that evening, power was knocked out to nearly 3,000 residents around the town, more in the County. Evidence is presented below.


---- .wav files originate, with much appreciation, from honorary IMPS investigator Terri. .mp3 files originate from Investigator Justin.

Yes (Growl) - Repeated 3X (first time is the original, second is amplified, third has noise reduction applied) (.wav)
Ben - Repeated 3X, same modifications as above (.wav)
Breath - same as above... context -> You can hear the breath when I (Investigator Justin) say "but it sounded like a, uh..." (.wav)
Catch You - Very easy to hear. Repeated 3X. The words happen before the coughing. (.wav)
Feel Him - another very easy to hear EVP. Investigator Terri began feeling the atmosphere changing, and I noted it too. (.wav)
Get Out - I was sitting by the freezer when this one occurred. Terri and Lori were on the other side of me. You hear it before "do you want to talk to us" (.wav)
Got She Hair - Kind of a funny one, not too difficult to hear. The last word is whispered. (.wav)
Keith - An intelligent respsonse in a whisper, after Investigator Terri asks who is around us. (.wav)
Yes, I Made That Noise - no context on when this was recorded, but likely the same location as the previous due to the sonud of the freezer. (.wav)

Come Over (or Come Home) - repeated 3X, like above, with the second amplified, and the third with noise or hiss reduciton applied (.wav)
Don't Talk To Me - not sure who its referring to. (.wav)
Get Out - Similar to the one above (.wav)
Get Out (3) - These spirits must not like us (.wav)
Help Me To Make Her Stop - I question this one as it sounds like the recorder got choppy, but that doesn't sound like Lori or Terri. (.wav)
It's Camera - I wonder if they were talking about Terri taking pictures, or me shooting the stairs with my video camera. (.wav)
Hey - Two spirits talking to each other, a female says hey and then something else, and a male whisper says hey back. Pretty common bar statements. (.wav)

Bar Area
Yes - This is very easy to hear near the point when I am talking. I did not boost or apply noise reduction to it as it didn't need it. (.wav)
Them Dog Things Chase Her - Terri's dog was running with its head chopped off at one point, could this spirit female be mentioning it. This does not sound like Terri or Lori's voice. (.wav)
Stop Making It To... - This is an interesting clear female, her voice trails off and its unclear of what she is saying after it to. Again, I don't believe this to be Terri or Lori. (.wav)
Something Being Unlocked - Interesting clip as keys were missing that evening. (.wav)


Orb captured upstairs near the bar area on the Legion's security camera. Paranormal? You decide.