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THE UFM SHOW's Interests

Ghosts, UFOs, Bigfoot, Dreams, Strange happenings, Radio Movies, the usual stuff.

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Scary movies and frustrating movies.
Ghost Hunters The Worlds Most Haunted Places The Scariest on Earth Family Guy and the Simpsons
UFO Books Ghost Books Paranormal stuff!
The guys from TAPS.

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Status: Single
Here for: Friends
Orientation: Straight
Hometown: SLC, UTAH
Education: In college
Occupation: Radio Show

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KUTE Student Radio
Salt Lake City, Utah US
Radio Show
Paranormal and Comedy


The UFM show actually has its roots way back to when was still alive prior to 2002. Way back when, we did the same exact show we bring you today, although a little more primitive. Anyway, The UFM show is a weekly show on KUTE Student Radio that features topics mostly of the paranormal, but then, on occasion, its all about the gold, er, other topics. The shows we've had so far are listed below, click on the date to download and listen to them! Archives can also be accesed on our main page here!


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10-19-06 This evening's show featured the topic of Bigfoot with two esteemed researchers to help us debunk the mystery. Only the first hour and a half or so of the program was recorded due to a CD burner error in the second hour.

10-26-06 This evening's show featured the topic of Ghosts with researcher Denzen Jefferson to answer some of our questions about the ever present ghost phenomenon. This is the entire show so it peaks out around 36 mb. The show was extended an extra half an hour to allow for callers, and there were a lot.

11-2-06 This evening's show featured the topic of Politics with political analysts Cooper Deranson and Gus Baker. The show also featured a discussion on the KUTE vs. ASUU debate, as well as an audio trailer for the film "Braveone" in which the true story of this battle is told. There were many calls and questions answered and opinions shared this evening. This show peaks out around 40mb. The last 15 minutes of the show were mysteriously lost. Tonight's show was special in that it was co-hosted by ::Kia:: who plans on joining us next week as well (as should you).

11-9-06 The topic of tonight's show was dreams, with most of the second hour containing an interview with IMPS founder, Justin.

11-16-06 Tonight's topic was UFOS, and we talked with self proclaimed UFO researcher Du Biggum. We also chatted with Trey Hess from Nevada who is a ham radio operator interested in UFOs. Du was out in the field and spotted a UFO as the show was airing. He also encountered something very strange that I can't explain.

11-30-06 Tonight's topic was strange Radio reception and Cryptozoology continued. Our guest tonight was Shamus Eranus, from Belfast Ireland. He is a cryptozoologist. We also played a number of scary audio samples from around the world and beyond. This show is now online in full, after an FTP error caused only half to be available. 

12-7-06 Tonight's topic was predictions. Listen as Alfanzo, our guest tonight, describes Nostradamus and his predictions, and his past. We also explained the movies that are coming out next year. The entire rest of the show featured callers and more predictions on what may happen in 2007. These have been written down and are available in the blog on This show is ONLINE!


2-15-07 Tonight's topic was the Trolley Square Incident, along with a second look at Ghosts and Scary Radio Noises, with some never before heard EVPs. This is the first show in the 2nd season of the UFM.

2-22-07 Tonight's topic was the Oscars and our predictions. During the first hour we talked to fellow IMPS investigator C. who investigated the Grand Hotel in Jerome, AZ.

3-1-07 Tonight's topic was the full report from Jerome with EVPS and such. We also talked to an oceanographer about some strange noises coming from the depths.