December 2nd 2004 - Knight Hall, Laramie, WY

Audio recorded while walking through the basement of Knight Hall on the campus of the University of Wyoming. You can hear the steam running through the pipes in all of these clips. They were recorded with an RCA Digital Recorder Model # RP5011A.

"Drink?" - After asking the question "Does anybody here want to say something" I heard this. It is looped three times and the final audio sample has the volume boosted. This clip and all others captured today have gone through heavy filtering. This is the most obvious EVP out of all of them. It sounds like a young female.

"Loud and Soft Bangs and Clanks" After saying a few words about the basement, there are a series of mysterious bangs and clanks. Yes there are pipes running on the ceiling, but I did not hear any clanks or bangs when walking through here. The clank audio's last loop has had noise reduction applied to it.

"Yeah, Then it gets hotter" This was the response after I said I feel a draft over here. I was referring to a spot where there is some form of a gate and behind it is storage area. This sounds like an older lady, maybe of different ethnicity than Caucasian.

All files appearing above are MP3 format. Windows Media Player, or equivalent required for playback.