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Date: Nov 1 2006

Time: Around 8pm

Place: Fort Douglas Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Around 8pm this evening,  I drove from my dorm down the street, to the cemetery and walked through with a video camera (the Sony) and my picture camera, an Olympus D-380.

I snapped approx. 18 pictures, and here are some of the highlights:

This image was taken looking north towards the gate at the cemetery. Above the trash can, and to the right of that head stone, a figure can be seen, hovering above the ground. There are also a considerable amount of orbs in this picture, which during this particular time, were not visible to the naked eye when the flash went off. Below is a close up of this apparition. See it? The arrow points directly at it.

The next images are not as spectacular as the previous image, but they hold some merit. This next picture was taken looking to the southeast. During my walk through the cemetery, several things caught my eye in this particular corner of the lot. A black marker stone (off camera) was mistaken for a ghost when I first saw it. The orbs you see were present in almost every picture I took this evening, but one orb caught my eye while uploading these pictures. See anything in the orb?

If you can't see it there, check this out:

See the face? I can see two eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

The night before this picture was snapped, a fellow investigator and I were walking to the north of this very marker and both of us heard what sounded like someone walking in the leaves directly behind us. This evening, all attempts to replicate this phenomenon were met with failure, and it remains unknown at this point what caused the sounds. While there this evening (Nov 1 2006), I snapped a photo of the headstone and caught what you see. There is a peculiar orb at the top of the spire.