MILOFM Studio Tour

The main on-air desk and computers. Click picture to get closer look.

Seen above is our main broadcasting desk where all audio is fed from here to the transmitter. It's a tangled mess of wires that brings you commercial free ooey-goodness.

If you know your software, you'll notice we use Winamp for almost all of our audio needs. Itunes supplies new music (on top of syncing the Ipod). Winamp also handles the streaming of the station, when applicable, using shoutcast.

The Ramsey Electronics FM-25B that does 75% of the work.

The antenna is a part 15 FCC compliant FM BCB transmitting antenna.

That's really all there is to it, a computer, transmitter, and antenna. Want to make your own radio station? Check out Ramsey Electronics fine line of transmitters. Who knows, I may hear YOU on the radio!


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