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Way back in 1992, the first experiments were made using an FM radio and a simple method of transmission, a walkie talkie. The walkie talkie was a 1980s model Fisher Price model, that for some odd reason, would transmit on or around 99.9 FM. Mega Message, and KPAW were born.

At the time, transmitting from Casper, Wyoming, running less than 50 mw (miliwatts) of power, the range wasn't that great but it was a start. We also happened to face our first competitor, someone other than a major real radio station.... the kids across the street.

The war continued for several more years and during that time KPAW changed to KCRS (known as Kitcat Radio Station) broadcasting the same power, to an improved outdoor antenna. Range was better, covering the neighborhood, and eventually ended up putting our competitors out of business.

The year was 1999.... The studio and station moved to Green River, Wyoming, and broadcasted several blocks on a small FM signal, somewhere around 99.9 FM. The station didn't grow to popularity until 2001, when our AM (amplitude modulation) side came on, broadcasting as KRGR (Rock Springs, Green River) on 630 AM. The signal traveled much farther, but quality had diminished as AM has a tendency to do to audio.

Over the next few years, KRGR became KBEAT, KBEAT became KBT, and the AM frequency flipped from 630, to 640, to 750, and finally to 740 AM, when it was decided that 740 was the quietest frequency in Green River at the time. The final calls that went out over the AM dial were KDX AM.

The AM version of the station continued for the next 2 years until 2003 when a brand new, and much better AM transmitter was purchased (Ramsey AM-25). The frequency remained on 740, and the range significantly improved, covering just as much ground as the FM side would soon enjoy, albeit sounding a lot worse farther out.

AM continued all the way until May of 2006, when a brand new FM transmitter, the Ramsey FM-25B, was purchased, and started broadcasting on the 10th of June, 2006. The callsign was (and still is) KUDX.

The frequency was ultimately 101.9 FM. Over the summer months when the station was active, various antennas were used, gradually gaining range and getting further and further out.

In the Fall of 2006, KUDX moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, and started broadcasting a modest signal on 99.9 FM from the University of Utah. The station enjoyed much popularity over the entire semester, but a static discharge killed the finals, and the transmitter had to be repaired (twice).

As of March 2007, the station was in good working order, and commenced broadcasting to Green River, Wyoming on 101.9 FM in early May of 2007.

The station successfully signed off for the summer in August of 2007. It returned on air during Thanksgiving, but was not broadcasting at full power.

commenced broadcasting to Green River, on December 18th 2007. We played holiday music, and showcased our new jingles.

During the spring of 2008, MiloFM aired to the University of Utah dorm area, and then to the hospital area during the summer. During the latter part of the year, our studios and transmitter moved to a new location in Millcreek, UT. From August of 2008 to June of 2010, MILOFM was heard in Millcreek and South Salt Lake City, signing off near the end of June.

In early July 2010, MILOFM returned to its birthplace in Green River. We are proud to be cranking out the hits to Green River once again, and hope you enjoy a breath of fresh air to the area.

  is broadcasting once again from Green River, Wyoming (its birthplace). Our coverage may not be as good as back in 2006-2007, but we want to maintain a legal operation and not futz up the licensed stations rights to broadcast. We ask that they do the same for us, but then again, its up to them to do whatever they choose.


Little is known about the future state of the station, there's no fate but what we make!