Another new Vegas station you can DX!

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Another new Vegas station you can DX!

Postby TheStuboy » February 24th, 2009, 2:37 pm

Try 670 around 5 pm your local time, or about an hour before sunset your local time. You might just hear classic hits such as Boston, Duran Duran, or such gay hits as Erasure, hea hea.

This is KMZQ, a 30,000 watt station during the day, with only 600 watts night. It is new to the Vegas area, with new towers that went up some time last year. I only recently heard about it by doing a search on Vegas stations.

It was easy to hear here in SLC during the day even. I had KBOI and this one competing. I was amazed at how clear it was for being so far away and only 30,000 watts.

You guys should easily be able to hear it.
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