Silence of the Lambs - Silence of the Manthas

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Silence of the Lambs - Silence of the Manthas

Postby TheStuboy » January 26th, 2005, 6:19 pm

Netflix DVD Review

It puts the lotion in the basket...
That line has been referenced in a lot of movies (most recently Shrek 2 I believe), but it comes from Silence of the Lambs.
The movie was also referenced in Loaded Weapon and was done pretty well.

I want to try and include as little amount of spoilers as I can but it is inevitable.

This is one of the strangest thrillers I have ever seen. I was too young to watch it when it first came out (because it contains woowoos and dead guys who've been skinned) but I enjoyed my first actual viewing of this film, however...

I felt at times there are way too many subplots going on during this film. We first have the one with Hanibal, then it goes to Buffalo Bill, then back to Hanibal, then back to Buffalo bill, and back and forth until the pretty original conclusion with Buffalo Bill (SPOILER) biting the dust after a not so scary dark nightvision battle. Then Hanibal calls clarise and thats the end, leaving it open for the sequels that came later.

The movie was often slow in parts, and very drawn out.
I was also disappointed on how not scary it was. I've seen scarier, take Candyman for example.

I'm not sure why this won an academy award, usually films of this caliber don't get anything.

Jodie Foster, who looked very young, steals the show acting wise, as does Anthony Hopkins as Hanibal. The other dorky guy who played Buffalo Bill was mediocre and at times not very convincing (except for the it puts the lotion scene.)

The film is very choppy. I suppose this is because of the amount of subplotige. But overall, it was entertaining, yet disappointingly not scary. Longest credit sequence ever. 3 Stars out of 5 in Netflix style.

James Earl Jones, Esteemed flatch critic.
Yes, I got the first three Netflix features today. The next to be watched are The Shining, and Pink Floyd's The Wall. Silence of the Manthas is already in the post office on its way back to Denver.
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