Accuracy of Radio-Locator

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Accuracy of Radio-Locator

Postby TheStuboy » January 13th, 2010, 5:23 pm

By now we've all been using Radio-Locator for years and have been able to find both FM and AM stations far from where we are.

This LONG weekend, I had the chance to put RL to the test in Mequite, NV and see how accurate it really is.

The link above takes you to Mesquite's distant stations that you'd think you can hear from town. I am focusing primarily on FM since I didn't get a chance to do AM due to crappy radios.

As far as how accurate RL is, I would say 90%. All stations listed (minus the locals that were off air - within 5 miles of town), were audible. A few other stations not listed made it through, like one from Bullhead City, AZ, and several from St. George that aren't there as well. This of course was a CARDX for the most part as the crappy alarm clock radio in my room barely picked up locals.

So I have to give kudos to RL for being accurate, but I also have to say that the biggest pain in the ass of the whole site is the limit. Serious DXers like myself often hit the limit trying to find what we've heard.

Fortunately, thanks to proxies like Vtunnel you can get around it and keep going.
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