A LIST DX of Lists almost gets me arrested!

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A LIST DX of Lists almost gets me arrested!

Postby TheStuboy » January 14th, 2007, 2:53 am

I was minding my own dxing business this evening and I caught 5 new stations, with the explanation for the title coming after I tell you what I got.

Tonight I decided to go to a new DX spot, just outside of the city limits in emigration canyon, up where you can see I-80 from the top of the mountain. I picked this spot simply because of the view and that I'd be out of the splatter range of the local SLC stations. It is a pretty good site to dx from, despite being -6 degrees.

The first station I checked with my list was KHOW from Denver. They had Coast to Coast on, and when it broke for commercial, they announced a Denver business. I also confirmed it with this program I have called Where's That Station.

I next tried getting KXEL and having little success, I searched around the dial and waited for the show to be over with when I heard them say Midnight Trucking Network. When I got back I found out KXEL is one of the affiliates, so KXEL Waterloo, IA 1540. I have this from every other location, so its not really that surprising that I got it.

Next I tried 620 AM against the local radio disney and found I was hearing KMKI fom Plano TX, which is also a RD affiliate. KMKI seemed a few seconds behind the local one (910 KWDZ).

I then stumbled upon WGN and could barely hear it, although I knew what I was hearing. WGN is on 720 and was heard from Casper, GR and Laramie. I don't see why I couldn't hear it from here. They were broadcasting an old time radio show which I found out is "The Twilight Zone" thanx to their website. WGN is 720 Chicago, IL.

The last station I got was on 1620, and I'm sure Leeroy has this one already, its KSMH from West Sacramento, CA. Its the only religious station on 1620.

Now about almost getting arrested. Apparently the Sheriff's office has a bug up their butts about people sitting in cars where I was. Just as I was about to leave, two cops show up in SUVs and shine their lights into my window. The guy then tells me to put my hands where he can see them. I comply. He comes up to the window and asks me what I was doing and I told him exactly what I was doing, listening to the radio. I even had the list in my hands, and he asked about it as well. He then tells me that the place I was at closes at 10 PM and it was nearly 12 AM. Hmm, a parking lot on top of a hill closes at night, and isn't gated? He takes my liscense and registration and proof of insurance back to his vehicle and I waited about 5 minutes for him to return. All the while, the other cop is walking around my vehicle, shining his light into it.

Obviously I wasn't doing anything illegal, just enjoying being able to hear radio stations without local interference. I wasn't breaking any law besides being in a place that supposively closes at 10. He gave me my stuff and said you're going to have to leave, so I did. I hope he didn't notice my radar detector, but oh well, I bought it at Circuit City, why would that be illegal.

Anyway, I guess you can get fined for DXing depending on where you go. Luckily, I didn't receive anything. Stus.
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