New CA/OR stations AGAIN!

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New CA/OR stations AGAIN!

Postby leeroy_t » January 10th, 2007, 12:50 am

Ell, I dont know what it is but I have the DXing bug. 4 new stations tonight, 3 from CA and 1 from OR.

1650 KFOX Torrance, CA 10/.490kW Asian

From the home of Dirk Digler:


1640 KDZR Lake Oswego, OR (Portland) 10/1kW Radio Disney

Radio Disney stations are easy to ID with all the kang music they play.


1410 KRML Carmel, CA .5/.016kW Jazz

Got an ID on this one, very low power station out of Carmel which is just south of Monterrey. It had to of been on 500 watts when I heard it. Monterrey County's Jazz station.


1410 KMYC Marysville, CA 5/1kW N/T/Sports/AH

Sacramento Kings basketball affiliate, was playing tonights game between the Kangs and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Marysville is located north of Sacramento in the central valley.

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