New CA/OR/WA Stations

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New CA/OR/WA Stations

Postby leeroy_t » January 9th, 2007, 12:28 am

I did a gap DX tonight, its becoming very difficult to ID stations so its requiring that I spend long portions of time listening to shitty signals before I am able to confirm these.


1500 KSJX San Jose, CA Asian 10/5kW

Not sure why I havent heard this before, but oh well, it wasnt coming in good at all.


1300 KAPL Phoenix-Medford, OR Religous, 20/5kW

This one was easier to identify as it was coming in clearer and was playing religous music. Also Ided as I was waiting to ID the station behind it. I heard this one from So. CA as well so you might try for it Stus. 3rd Medford station, and 15th OR station total.


Last station:

1300 KKOL Seattle, WA News/Talk 5/5kW

This station took forever to ID eventhough it had talk radio on and kept playing commercials. It was very distant and kept coming in and out. Took me about 45 minutes to finally get some proof that this was KKOL. It was when the Michael Regan show came on and I heard him say his name. 6 WA stations, and my 4th Seattle station from N. CA.


163 Stations total from N. CA.
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