Two Texas Stations from the same area, on the same night.

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Two Texas Stations from the same area, on the same night.

Postby TheStuboy » December 21st, 2006, 5:33 pm

Last night while playing Starcraft, I happened to come upon two Texas stations, which are both from the same part of the state, probably no more than 50 miles from each other.

The first station that came in was KVOP, and I immediately recognized the calls since I got this one from Laramie. KVOP is from Plainview TX and a clear ID was heard. I should have been recording it with Cooledit.


The second station came in a few hours later, closer to midnight, and was relatively clear on 940. Normally KMER would be in the way, but since it has impossibly low power at night, other 940s interfere. I heard an advertisement for an Amarillo car dealership and then an id saying News/talk 940 KIXZ. I at first thought I had heard KIXD or E, or C and couldn't hear the last letter but a search on Rl helped. Anyway, thats two more stations for GRDX. Wuss, your site should be updated.

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