DX Season starts early

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DX Season starts early

Postby leeroy_t » September 28th, 2006, 11:38 pm

Ell, I dont know what it was tonight, but stations were coming in very well. As a result I got 3 new stations, 1 CA and 2 OR, they are as follows:

600 KOGO San Diego, 5/5kW N/T/AH You would be suprised I hadn't got this yet, but it is low power and I could barely hear it in Corona so its a good pick up tonight. IDed clearly, the cooler air must be allowing stations to travel better. Playing the stu Dr Laura show.


940 KICE Bend, OR, 10/.060kW Sports/ESPN Was playing ESPN Programming on 940. Must have caught this at a good time, cause it goes to 60 watts at night. had to have still been on 10kW at 9:15 pm.


970 KCMD Portland, OR 5/5kW Comedy Was playing a commercial for some adult book store in Beaverton, OR, RL says comedy format, dont know exactly what that means, but Ill take it! According to MT DX records, this was KUPL, a country station, it is now Comedy apparently.


Also of note, I dxed for about 25 minutes, lots of distant stations coming in. KOA was quite clear, and KRVN could be heard clear enough to hear its going to be in the 30s in Neb, oh leeroy its getting cold.
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