A new form of Dxing!

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A new form of Dxing!

Postby TheStuboy » October 16th, 2005, 5:21 pm

I have found a new interesting way to DX, via my police scanner. Every so often I crank on the scanner and listen to two ham frequencies used quite a bit here. They are 449.925 mHz and 146.620 mHz. The first channel comes from Antelope Island, and it's calls are listed on the word file below. This repeater gives access to the world. I have call signs from all over received on this frequency. The second repeater is on Farnsworth Peak (just west of here) and is strickly for use within the Ballsach front area. If anyone is interested in seeing my catches, (callsigns provided by qrz.com) I have posted my word file on the ubstudios pages. It will be updated every time I listen to the scanner and mark down new stations. Some may have audio bits of the callsigns in the future.

Here is the Microsoft Word file.

This Word file will be updated, as I said, every time I DX with my scanner. This topic will stay on top always for easy access.

Happy Scanner DXing!
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Postby leeroy_t » October 17th, 2005, 9:27 pm

ever hear AH on his ham? never really listened to ham operators before, just figured they were all hesses like AH who sat around going hea hea this is ah, no bigfoot sighted over.
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