Pop Culture, an essay

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Pop Culture, an essay

Postby TheStuboy » October 28th, 2005, 11:41 pm

For those of you with only a few minutes of reading time, this isn't the topic for you. This is a bit lengthy because I am so pissed off right now I just might take a while explaining my points. First let me explain some things, I have absolutely nothing against other races than my own.

Those of us who grew up in the latter half of the 80s - 1984-1989 know what pop culture is. I'm sure those of you who weren't born in that era know what it is as well, but for now, we'll just stick to people in my age group.

The entrance of the 1990s saw the birth of what we now call rap music or hip hop if you will. During this time punk music came into popularity too, especially with the younger generations. Rap and punk continued to grow in popularity up into the late 90s, but punk isn't as popular now a days as it once was.

What does this history lession have to do with anything? BASICALLY I HATE RAP, I HATE PUNK MUSIC, I HATE HIP HOP, WHAT EVER THE HELL YOU WANT TO CALL IT.

Here is my explanation why.

Rap first off is obvious why I hate it. For one, I'm not african american, I don't like music about shootin' a ho or what not, I don't enjoy music about bustin a cap or whatever the hell they say. I like music from the 50s to about the early 90s that is anything but rap and country for that matter.

Another thing I must explain before I continue is that I am pissed off right now something awful, mainly at the people below me but also at my roommate who insists that everyone must hear his music. Now sure, I could go down and talk to the fuckers and tell them to turn the shit down but what good would that do, they would say fuck you we're not going to turn this "shit" down. My R.A. clearly doesn't seem to give a shit since its on a floor other than his. Basically I have to sit here and hear my furniture rattle as the bass drifts up from the room below and from the room across the living room, yeah you know who the fuck you are.

Anyway, back to my hate of rap music. Another reason I hate this music is because usually when I hear it, its always ALWAYS blasted as it is now. And for some reason, people seem to love it. I frankly think it is the absolute worst genre of music ever, in fact I don't even consider it music!

Punk mainly the screaming type of music also makes no sense to me, and also isn't music. What the hell is the point of hearing someone scream for four minutes straight, honest to god, what the hell has our society done to its music tastes. Whatever happened to the good bands like R.E.O, Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top or Foreigner. We never see these kinds of bands any more because people like listening to girls and guys who have no talent sing fabricated songs. Examples of who I am talking about include Buttney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Ashlee Shitpson and her sister, Hilary Bluff and so on and so forth.

This music sucks, flat out. And thats that, thats my rant for this evening about music.

Now onto a little thing called respect for your peers. The kids of my generation have to be the rudest dickheads I have ever seen. No one has any respect for other people, especially here in the dorms. It can be 2 in the morning and the son of a bitch below me can be blasting his fucking bass filled rap, and then my roommate will pick up blasting his unce or what not. AT TWO IN THE FUCKING MORNING??? Doesn't anybody ever sleep anymore???

Come on folks, I sure as hell wouldn't do this to you, why do you insist on being assholes and blasting music at the wee hours of the morning when everyone is supposed to be asleep.

Also, why must you trapse around your room stomping on the floor for five minutes, then pause, and do it all over again (a reference to the fat kid above me).

I have a pretty good idea of when the kids of my generation went sour as they did, their first semester at college! You want to know why? Because rich mommy and daddy pay for you to get Fs and play video games and blast your shitty rap music at 2 in the morning. Rich mommy and daddy also bought you that sports car as a graduation present so you can go 100 miles per hour down Foothill Blvd all the while with your stereo up to 2000 db most certainly rattling the pavement and tearing your shitty car to pieces one bass thump at a time.

I have no interest in putting 2000 db subwoofers in the back of my truck, and then buying 10 hours of the best rap I can find. You wan't to know why? Because I DON'T WANT TO!! Stop forcing me to conform to these new culture rules that to be cool I must listen to rap, I must blast music at 4 in the morning, I must be a fucking prick to anyone who is different than me and most of all I must have no respect for my fellow students.

Well all I can say to those who insist on being like who I described above, is "What Comes around, Goes around" Don't go crying to me when you're failing all of your classes and not getting sleep then wondering why, because I'll actually be focusing on getting a degree and getting good grades.

My advice? Grow up. Just because you are on your own now (as freshman, which I certainly am not) doesn't give you the right to do what ever you damn well please.

Thats my rant for this evening, I still feel like shit though because this won't help one bit. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
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