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Why do people blast music?

Because they are deaf?
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Because they want to impress girls?
Because they are assholes with no consideration for others?
Because they want others to hear their music?
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Because of another reason? (please explain on the forums)
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Postby TheStuboy » November 9th, 2005, 9:24 pm


I talked to the RHA lady today and she had all RAs put up quiet hours signs around the building. She also called the offending asshole below me into her office to discuss what charges he could face if he doesn't follow the rules and turn his shit down. What she doesn't know is that he WILL break them again and already has today. Why? because late word from a correspondent notes these guys below us to be pot or some drug smokers, and they are "high all the time" which would explain the loud music and their silly attempt to put the blame on us yesterday (more on that next).

Yesterday at about 11 they were blasting their music as always, yet all the sudden, it seemed to be turned down. 10 minutes later it was back up again, and 10 minutes later a knock at the door happenend and 3 of 4 of the residents from below were there, saying that if we had a problem with their noise that we should not contact the RA and tell them directly. They also claimed that we blast music which is true only on limited occasions, and rarely does it continue after quiet hours begin. Another frivilous claim was that they could hear everything we did up here as well, including walking around. Well, Sage Point wasn't built to be sound proof, it was mainly built to house the Olympic athletes during the Winter Olympics in 2002 here, so hearing footsteps is inevitable and unavoidable. The guy or girl above me tends to walk around in circles every morning!

And so, the saga continues, however, we do have nice little signs outside our door that say precisely when quiet hours begin and talk about courtesy hours which occur 24/7, stating that you shouldn't really blast music that can be heard by your neighbors any time of day. This is all our doing, those signs would not exist if we hadn't said something. So now its time to see if this shit continues, because I have the power to file incident reports whenever I please because any time the music is loud enough to go through the floor, it is violating courtesy hours as well as quiet hours if it is after 11.

Another battle won by the competent people who are sick of hearing and feeling bass from some fkheads stereo.

Also, I know who is causing the damage to the exit signs around sage point 810, my roommate Chea. There are wanted signs all over for this problem, sooner or later he will be punished beacuse he is a dumbass.
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