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Post yer fart!

PostPosted: January 27th, 2005, 9:01 pm
by TheStuboy
I have created a new section of General Stu Chat devoted specifically to the art of farting. But here are the rules:

First, to upload your fart, you must go to that link.
Second, your farts can not be larger than 500kb in size, I only have so much space.
Third, Do not put spaces in the filename of your fart, the upload script wont handle it.
Fourth, here are the rules to proper fart posting

First: Upload your fart on that server.
Then: Come here and reply to this message and link to your fart. It will be like this: ""
I only accept three file types. MP3, WAV, and WMA.

All you have to do is just link to your fart and include as much info as you like about and hopefully we can get this thing going.

I will start it off with a good puff puff fart:

Note: If I feel this fart thing is being abused, I will most certainly take it down.

PostPosted: January 29th, 2005, 3:34 pm
by TheStuboy


PostPosted: January 29th, 2005, 6:58 pm
by Kaing of Kaings
Man James Earl Jones sure knows how to flatch.

PostPosted: February 4th, 2005, 12:31 am
by TheStuboy
You should all post your recorded farts too, get this thread going. BUMP!

PostPosted: February 4th, 2005, 12:39 am
by Kaing of Kaings
Anderson Cooper does not fart. I have never farted. Only my cat and my hot wife Laura Logan from CNN flatch.

PostPosted: February 4th, 2005, 12:41 am
by TheStuboy
Anderson Cooper is a wuss, who deserves a swift kick in the crotch if he doesn't flatch. Everybody Flatches Some times, Everybody poops. Even you do Mr. Anderson.