Hangover Part II

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Hangover Part II

Postby TheStuboy » May 31st, 2011, 12:46 am

While I wait for my laundry to finish, I will now entertain you with a short review on Hangover Part II.

You have been warned, there might be spoilers in this review.

So once again, the three guys have been drugged. They wake up in a foreign place, they have to find someone who is missing (its not Doug), and they find out they have had one hell of a night.

Yes, it is a rehash of the first film, but we were expecting that, weren't we.

What you won't expect is how much farther the antie has been upped in this one.
The jokes are raunchier, the things they go through are worse, and its generally more in your face then was the first film.

I must say, there was something about the first one that makes it better than this one.... originality. A difference between the two films would be in the characters. In the first film there was an urgent urgency that the guys must find their friend, and we really care if they find him or not.In this one, its so all over the place, and in your face, you never get the moments where you wonder if the guy is okay. Now most movie goers particularly to this film could probably care less. The point is, if the story has nowhere to go, the film isn't going to be as good. I didn't connect with any of the characters as much as the first film, plain and simple.

There are times when I felt the guys weren't as in this one as in the first one... in particular Zach Galifanakis. His character actually doesn't have as big a part as in the first, except for (spoiler) drugging the guys yet again.

On top of some unbelievable moments, the film does have its funny moments. There are a few parts of note that are in the previews that are funny.
If you are a guy you will be entertained by this movie. You may even get a bit grossed out, but that is part of it I guess. Think of the first film, just a lot grosser, a lot more raunchy, and you've got Hangover Part 2.

No more sequels, please. The story has been beat to death, and there is nowhere to go unless Alan (Zach) gets married, which I can't see happening. The film is doing well in the box office however, so prepare yourself for Hangover Part 3 in 2 years.

Hangover 2 gets 2.5 stars out of 5, for generally being a re-hash of the first film, and being a sequel made simply for profit (by all involved).

How can the same thing happen to the same three guys + a monkey twice. What is this... Die Hard?
Paul Giamatti must be getting desperate if he is taking roles in films like these. He has a short part though, and his character isn't that useful hea. As you can see, he has also gained a lot of weight.
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