The Fighter - (The Farter)

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The Fighter - (The Farter)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » February 9th, 2011, 9:09 pm

Last Friday, I treated my woman to dinner and a movie and for good reason. This may be the last dinner and a movie in a while since the little guy is coming soon. The Oscar nominated film, The Fighter was playing in town so we thought we would give it a whorl!

The Farter is the true story about about Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg) who is trying to get back into fighting after struggling in the lower ranks. His half brother Dicky Eklund, played expertly by Christian Bale, wants to help his brother train. He beat Sugar Ray back in the day after all. Problem is, he has a drug problem and it is destroying not only his life but his family's. Amy Adams is Mickey's woman, and I wish she was mine. She could be second wife like in Big Love...but I digress.

I went into this film with no expectations and walked out thoroughly entertained. This movie deserves all the Oscar nominations it has received and I wouldn't mind seeing Christian Bale winning for best supporting actor. Melissa Leo who played Mickey and Dicky's mother deserves an award too. I didn't think there was a slow or dull moment in this film and it kept me watching through the whole thing. Good job and good movie to all involved 4.3 out of 5 stars.


Christian Bale can transform himself into anything including a dopey crack head. He nails it in this touching film about two brothers struggling to make something of themselves. Hea.

P.S. Kudos for Christian Bale getting out of the dour roles for a while (Terminator 3, Buttman, almost any film in the last 5 years).
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