The Town - (The Ball Afflack Show)

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The Town - (The Ball Afflack Show)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » September 19th, 2010, 10:16 pm

Went to Stinktown USA, that's Lewiston, ID for all those who don't know where Stinktown is, and saw a movie all by my lonesome self. Since the wife is in Texas, I thought I would see the latest Ben Affleck directed movie, The Town. This is Ben Affleck's second directorial attempt and like other critics are saying, Affleck is becoming a good director. His first movie was Gone Mantha Gone staring his brother Casey Affleck.

This time around, the movie is centered in Ben's favorite town, Boston. It's actually Charleston but anyway still basically Boston for those of you who don't know your geography. Anyway, the movie centers on a group of 4 bank robbers led by Affleck. Like the previews hint, Affleck starts to fall for a girl they kidnap during one of their heists, Rebecca Hall. Now Ben is torn between getting another robbery done with his friend, Jeremy Renner who has maybe a few screws missing. I won't give away too much more but I did enjoy most peoples acting. Affleck seemed stiff in parts but good in others so it all balances out. Jon Hamm who has the most chiseled face in Hollywood (not as much as Lance Burton in Vegas), does a good job as the tough but always one step behind FBI agent. Blake Lively and Rebecca Hall are also good and nice to look at. hea.

The story is pretty good. Affleck had some writing credits, and I know he is a good writter, see Good Will Hunting. His direction is pretty good too and I applaud him for not using Shaky Cam during the heist scenes. Let's hope that trend is dying. The best part of this movie is Jeremy Renner who was the star of the Hurt Locker. Like that movie (which I still don't think deserved best picture but oh well), Renner steals every scene he is in. You are kind of routing for him in the end but at the same time want the cops to do him in. If this movie deserves any Oscar consideration, consider Renner for Best Supporting. Anyways I enjoyed the movie. It probably wont be my favorite this year but might make the top 10. 3.8 out of 4 stars.


It's just another day for Affleck with Barbe-ques, Blake Lively Butts and Renner Heads.


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