The Karate Kid - (The Karaoke Kid)

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The Karate Kid - (The Karaoke Kid)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » July 18th, 2010, 12:00 pm

Saw another film at the drive in this weekend and here is the review.

*Minor Spoilers*
The Karate Kid - (which should be called the Kung Fu kid since there is no Karate in this movie) is the latest Jaden Smith vehicle (Yes Will Smith's son). He stars as a kid named Dre (is he named after Dr. Dre?) who has to move to China with his mother because his mother got a job transfer. This film was partly financed by China in what I imagine is some kind of PR bliz. You know, by those evil commies are trying to convince us that socialism is good and capitalism bad. It is a blatant attempt to piss off the Tea-Baggers because not only is the movie filmed in China, the main star is black.
(Wow that was a tangent. I just wanted to throw in a jab at the retarded Tea Party Movement.)

Anyway, Dre ends up in China with his mom and starts getting picked on at school because he is under the Asian Persuasion of a Chinese girl. Some bullies don't like that so they start kicking the shit out of him. That is until Mr. Hea...I mean Mr. Han, who is played to gay dad perfection of Jackie Chan, shows up and decides to teach Dre the art of Kung Fu. Now he must learn Kung Fu before the tournament and he must win back the pre-pubescent girl of his dreams. Can he do it before the evil commies rise up and provide socialized medicine?

The movie was overall watchable but it did have it's slow parts. It seems like it took forever to get to the final tournament and the movie focuses between Jaden and the Chinese babe and his training. It isn't as good as the original Karate Kid but it isn't that bad either. Jackie Chan shows his age and looks like a gay dad in this one but he is ok. The very last shot was super dorky, but what do you expect. Anyway 3.4 stars out of 5. Better than some of the other shit I have seen at the drive-in.


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