Get Him To The Greek - (Get Him To the Butt)

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Get Him To The Greek - (Get Him To the Butt)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » July 5th, 2010, 11:23 pm

The second movie we saw at the drive-in last weekend was the comedy-Get Him To the Greek. Get Him To The Greek stars Jonah Hill as the record company dude who has to get wild rocker, Russel Brand as Aldous Snow (Sara Marshal Movie) to the Greek Theater in LA in a couple of days. Of course crazy shenanigans ensue. The only problem, it's not really that funny.

Maybe it was because the movie didn't start till 11:30 at night and it ended around 1:30 in the morning. I'm getting older and can't stay up like I used to. In college I could stay up to 2:00 in the morning easily, and that was with a couple beers/alcoholic drinks in me. Now, I start crashing around 10:00 PM. I guess I am getting older and have more responsibility...major one coming around the corner.

Anyway, we really didn't think this movie was that funny. There were some parts where I laughed out loud but they were far and few between. I noticed that Judd Apatow had something to do with this movie which means it probably wont be as funny as I hoped. Anyway, 2.85 Stars out of 5.


Hill, "Ahhhh P-Diddy or Puff Daddy or Puff Monster...what ever he calls himself now is chasing us down the hallway."

Brand, "Just make sure that stuff in your bum is secure lad."
Harry: " Whoa, Jesus, Check out the butt on that one."

Lloyd: "He must work out."

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