Terminator Salvation - Ballinator Stupation

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Terminator Salvation - Ballinator Stupation

Postby Kaing of Kaings » May 22nd, 2009, 6:24 pm

After T3, the next logical choice for the movies to go is the actual fight with the machines. T4 takes you there along with all its kang story.

T4 is based on John Connor and Marcus Wright's (You know he is a Terminator from the previews right?) journey to try and defeat Skynet. The only problem is, Kyle Reese (Played by Anton Yelchin) needs some help or a hole will destroy the space-time continuum sending Marty McFly back to 1985. Wow, TMI. Anyway I will keep this review short.

Overall, the special effects and robots were good. The humans on the other hand were ok. John Connor (Christian Bale) is kind of a boring character in this one and not as interesting as Kyle Reese or Marcus. Overall though, I am not sure what the actual plot was. The story was probably the weakest parts.

This movie seems like it was just setting up characters for the next two films kind of like Star Trek did. It is no T1 or T2 and may be on the same level as T3 but I am not sure about that yet. I think I am becoming a Statistic like Stuboy says where when you hit 27, you start not liking movies. Either that or these movies are made for a younger generation than I. They just don't write them like they used to and the only thing studios are interested in is how much money can we make. Never mind the story, we need explosions and head shots. 3.4 stars out of 5. Lets hope it gets better in the future (if there is one for mankind). Just remember, No Fate but What We Make...Hea.


Bullets never stopped Terminators in the 1980's or 1990's and they don't really work now either. Why do they even bother?

In the middle of the movie, John Connor and Marcus get into a bad breath war. Later on, they play ballwars.
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