Oscar Reaction 2009 - How Kang Can They Get

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Oscar Reaction 2009 - How Kang Can They Get

Postby Kaing of Kaings » February 25th, 2009, 9:38 pm

Yes the bloated Hollywood shit fest of 2009 has come and gone. Last year I thought that the Oscars couldn't get any worse. I thought after all the costumes, lame hosting and boringness, it couldn't get any dumber than this. This year, the Oscars did not redeem themselves.

Lets start off with Hugh Jackman. I am pretty much indifferent about his acting (X-Men movies are kind of Kang but he was good in The Prestige) and I am not familiar with his Broadway work. His first musical of the night was ok and Anne Hathaway is nice to look at. Beyond that, nothing memorable came from his hosting. Bring back Billy Crystal before he gets to old please (that means you Academy).

Secondly, Don't friggen roast the nominees. I know some people liked it but to me it only enforced my perception that Hollywood takes itself too seriously and has a big wad of coal shoved up its butt. It's embarrassing to see Sophia Loren forget who Meryl Streep is or how many nominations she has had. And I would hate to be an actor sitting through that. I woudl be sitting in the audience with a gas bubble in my gut waiting to explode only to have the camera zoom in on my sweaty face while Leonardo DiCaprio tells me how well I did in a movie he never saw. That's embarrassing and only a Wa would like that.

Not to mention that roasting your actors and actresses takes up too much time. Show a clip from the damn movie. Most American's haven't even seen these films and they need to be reminded why they were nominated. Having Robert DeNiro tell you you act good as a straight guy playing a gay man isn't as affective as actually seeing a clip from Milk where Sean Penn says Hea!

And another thing...What's with the musical part where they took all three best songs and tried to cram them together. Worse yet, they didn't have the original artist for the Wall-E song Peter Gabriel sing. They had some other guy who started singing in the middle of the Slumdog song. That whole bit sounded gay and ruined all of the nominated songs. We would have been better off hearing a tape recording of the music with scenes from the film played to it. That would make you understand why these songs were picked. Kick out all the kang dancers and people going...ZYYYSHAAAAA ZYSHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA... and just play the clip.

But wait...there's more... The one thing that pissed me off the most was when they showed all the people who have died last year. This part of the Oscars is usually the most effective because they play sad music and show clips from their movies. This way of doing things allows the audience to know who these people are and what work they have done. This year, they had Queen Latifa singing on stage while the camera was zoomed too far out to see who had actually passed away. When they did show the people who died, they cut off the clip pretty fast to zoom back to Latifa. It was uneven and almost disrespectful to those who passed away. We don't want to see Latifa singing, we want to see those who have graced the screen and gave us so many memories.

Ok, that is my negative rant. Basic thoughts....BORING.

On the other hand, there were no major surprises. I really didn't care too much if Milk or Slumdog one best picture. Both are good in their own right. I have never seen Frost/Nixon although I want to. The Reader looks boring although I heard Kate Winslet gets naked in it. Beyond that, I am glad Heath Ledger won. His performance stood out among all others last year and not just because he died. He owned that movie and it would have sucked without him.

So lets look to the future. Hopefully the Academy can get that stick out of their ass and start picking worthy movies and making worthy shows. If this keeps up, I might start beating the Buki instead of watching the Oscars...Tell me. What are your thoughts?
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Postby TheStuboy » February 26th, 2009, 8:15 pm

As a film major, I was incredibly bored with the Oscars this year. I don't care if they are biggest award in film, they sure don't make it look like it.

Wuss is right, the Oscars get worse every year. They pick so-so movies and say they should be worth Oscars because either A) They are foreign B) They have oates scenes or C) They are on boring subjects.

Don't get me wrong, I haven't seen Slumdog yet so I can't judge whether it was worth best picture or not, but I did see Milk. I was glad Sean Penn won as he deserved it. It would be hard to play a gay guy without being gay yourself. Sure you can act, but you'd still not have the persona right etc. As far as the other movies for best picture, I'm not interested.

The new format tried to revamp the Oscars but like stu said, created more bad then good. I too was pissed that I couldn't see who died. I don't care to see Queen Fatifa singing, I want to see who passed this year. That kind of stuff doesn't stay in the news unless its a really big star that passes.

Heath deserved the Oscar, but I wonder if he would have been nominated if he hadn't died. Conspiracy maybe.

The the thing I noticed was that they were simply trying to hard, and it was obvious. They over did some of the aspects and underdid others.

I too was disappointed with the song selection and they even said Peter Gabriel was in the audience.

If they showed him during that song, he'd probably be ready to beat a Buki for them snubbing him singing duties. I also thought the guy singing screwed up on the Wall-E song, drawing it out. It sounded terrible.

Overall, it was better than last year, but still pretty ghey.

Bring back the comedians especially Billy Crystal or even Whoopie. I want to know who died and be able to read the titling. I also want to see clips from the movies and not have to sit through gay music numbers.

The Oscars show needs a severe enema.

2 out of 5 stars. Huge Ackman is okay, but he should stick to movies and not hosting duties.

P.S. I didn't see Renee Zellewegger there, sad sad sad. I would like to oates her one of these days.
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