Body of Lies - (Body of Flatch)

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Body of Lies - (Body of Flatch)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 12th, 2008, 9:51 pm

Today I went to see Ridley Scott's latest film called Body of Lies. The film has two of Hollywood's top actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell (fighten around the world) Crowe. These two titans take on the middle east situation while Leo plays the on the ground CIA agent in harms way and Russel plays the CIA operative at home in Virgina in foods way. While Russel talks with his mouth full with food going all over the place, Leo is getting beaten like a Mantha by tourists...I mean terrorist.

The movie's central theme, using terror to fight terror, is a good one and when Ridley focuses on it, the movie is good. When the movie goes off in tangents and gets covered in Russell slobber, it gets kind of boring. The movie does have action and Buki beatings for no reason but overall, I kind of would say I was indifferent by the end. That's not to say it has it's good points. Leo is always at the top of his game and in this movie, he carries the story and the movie. Russell Crowe is more like a side figure and he spends most of his "Fighten around the world" trying to fight the urge to eat something while cleaning up dog shit in his rich home. I will thank Ridley Scott for not acting like his brother and using the shaky camera effect too. The action is pretty clear and the camera guy isn't shaking all over the place.

Not a bad way to waste money on a Sunday afternoon although I could have probably done something else and waited to see this on DVD. Anyway, 3.4 stars out of 5. Let's hope Scott's next film "Nottingham" about Robin Hood is better.


As Glen Beck...I mean Russell Crowe approached Leo, he couldn't help but notice two weevils on the table next to him. He thought about which weevil he would like to eat...the lesser of two weevels.


A scene cut from the movie but surely to be put as an extra on the DVD. It's the scene where Russell Crowe lands on the shore of Dubi to take out some terrorists with his new CIA buddy, Tugga.
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