The Incredible Hulk - (The Incredible Buki)

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The Incredible Hulk - (The Incredible Buki)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » June 15th, 2008, 11:53 pm

Incredible, not really. Hulk...Yea somewhat. Ed Norton, sure he's in this picture.

This weekend, we saw the new Hulk picture. Because the Ang Lee 2003 Hulk sucked ass, Hollywood thought they could restart the series like Chris Nolan did with Buttman Begins. Like Chris Nolan's first Buttman Begins movie, I walked out of this movie thinking, eehhh. I must be growing out of the comic book phase or just not that interested in action movies with green giants anymore.

The story picks up in Brazil where I think the Ang Lee movie left off (actually the end of Ang Lee's movie was pretty stu (Don't make me angry). Edward Bruce Banner is working in a coleflatch soda pop factory where he farts personally in each bottle to give the soda it's magic taste and carbonation. He lives off a diet of beans and tries not to get angry in fear of getting explosive diarrhea. Meanwhile, William Hurt and bad ass Tim Roth are in the military and trying to track down Bruce to give him a spanking for what he did to the gamma ray lab. They pick up a ham radio signal that bounces off a Stuboy antenna and originates from Banner's room where he DXes and bashes Christians in Yahoo chat rooms.

The military shows up in Brazil and blows up half the village just to get to the Bruce who turns into the Hulk and gets very ANGRY. The story then bounces all over the place like the Hulk. Eventually Norton shows up at Culver College where the military once again shows up and blows everything up. It this is the military protecting our country, we are screwed. Thankfully Hollywood's military is always stu unlike the real military that can kick ass when a competent President is at the helm. Unfortunately, we don't have a competent president and McBush promises to be worse. I hope the country is smart enough to see through McCain and vote wisely (not for him). But I digress.

The Hulk is saved by his true love (awww) Liv Tyler and they try to oats. But damn it, Bruce can't do that cause he will get too excited. So we are left with stiffys that do nothing and for no reason. Meanwhile, Tim Roth (always a good actor and good in this too) wants some power and wants to capture the Hulk to play a game of sweaty nut sack. He wants what Bruce has (gamma ray poisoning) and he finds out a way to get it. Once he does, he turns into a scary monster, The Abomination. The Abomination tears of half of NYC cause he is pissed. It's up to Norton to save the day in a helicopter scene that is probably the funniest in the film. I won't spoil the rest of the film since I already spoiled most of it (sift through the BS and there is little spoilage) but the movie ends with a cameo from another Marvel comic hear who's movie came out this year. I will give you a hint, at the end of the movie he is in, he is standing at a podium and announces to the world that he is gay...I mean Iron Man.

That being said, what did I think of The Incredible Hulk? Well, it is a step up from Ang Lee's 2003 version. That movie had good actors (Bana and Connelly) and Ang Lee is a good director when he is directing movies like Crouching Mantha, Hidden Poo or Brokeback Mountain, but the 2003 Hulk had kind of a stu story and a pissed off Nick Nolte which no one wants to see in a movie. Does any one remember the movie Blue Chips?

This movie does stand on it's own. It starts off with Bruce already as the hulk but this time we have Norton who is always good in what he does. He does good here too but for some reason I just didn't connect to this story. I really didn't care for the Hulk or anyone else for that matter. Tim Roth probably had the coolest character and the Abomination was scary. Other than that, the action sequences (even the ending one where NYC goes up in a mushroom cloud and half the population gets killed because the Hulk farts on a spark plug) didn't really engage me.

I guess you can thought the movie was OK and less of a disappointment than Indiana Jones but then again, if you want to see an action hero, see Iron Man. I give this movie 3.25 stars out of 5. It's an improvement but like Buttman Begins, it makes you go eh. Unless of course you like the Green Giant.


A scene where the hulk plays ball wars with the abomination. Man that's gotta hurt.


In this movie, the Hulk emerges from Bruce Banner's butt every time Bruce gets angry. Man check out the deltoids on that one! Yea he must work out!
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Postby leeroy_t » June 16th, 2008, 11:00 pm

movies about comic books are kang, thats why I havent seen one since the Batman movies of the 90s. Ive only seen 1 movie in the theater this year and it wasnt that funny, maybe I can go the rest of the year without going to the movies. Probably unlikely, but with so many kang ass movies out there, you never know. speaking of kang, if you are kang and you want to get married, come to CA, CA wants your $.
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