Vantage Point - (What's The Point)

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Vantage Point - (What's The Point)

Postby TheStuboy » March 2nd, 2008, 3:32 pm

I saw this Friday night at the same ol' theater in South Salt Lake where the arrests are plentiful, the gangs roam state street, and people drive like shit.

Vantage Point tells the story of the president's assassination in Madrid Spain when he is trying to bring peace to the middle east. Sound like something thats happening now? You're not too far off. The assassination is told however, from 5 different view points, each person containing a clue to who the ssccchhoooter is.

The first perspective is the media, who obviously are all over the coverage, as it was likely a slow news day elsewhere, and nothing is more important than covering a retarded president's attempts to bring peace. Again, this is quite a huge jab at Bush, and it doesn't stop here, the whole movie has subtle critiques of the current dumbass in office.

The media sees things like we all at home would see them, a bunch of confusion and nothing really to advance the plot.

Next, we're flatulently transported back 23 minutes earlier to a naked Denis Quaid in his hotel room. He is a secret service agent who took a bullet for the prez previously, and he can't stop having flashbacks of that event, especially when somebody farts.

From his perspective a little more is learned, and we run into a guy that looks like Adam Goldberg.

Then we flatch back again to the Adam Goldberg character. His perspective isn't very interesting, other than the fact that he gets the shit kicked out of him again and again but still manages to escape and corpse.

Forest Whitaker's perspective is next, and it's fairly weak and gay. Forest is a hea guy who loves little kids and likes to go EEHEEE. He has a camera and despite running like crazy, manages to film with steady cam accuracy. Yet during the actual assasination, the stuboyvision kicks in.

The next perspective is from the Prez, who like Regan, is using a body double president that looks dorkier than he does. The prez watches in horror as the fake guy gets shot but then gets kidnapped himself. This is the problematic point in the film.

By not showing his full perspective, the filmmakers have created a plot hole, since we see more of what happened to him later. Kind of messed up but I probably would have made the same mistake.

Anywho, the last perspective is from the terrorists themselves, and the whole shindig goes down one last time and ends. All loose ends are kind of tied up, but we don't care, the terrorists have corpsed, and nobody cares.


This film presents an interesting way of telling a story, but something tells me I've seen this done before, and better. I can't pinpoint the film (De ja Vu?) but I'm thinking it was done better.

Thats no saying this movie was bad by any means, just that it wasn't as good as I had hoped. The stuboyvision takes me out of the story completely as does some of the bad acting on behalf of all cast, especially the media people. I wanted to punch that reporter lady at the beginning, she was a horrible actress.

Sigorney Weaver has a short part, as does Forest Whitaker. Denis Quaid likely has the longest part in the film as he is seen in every vantage point, and is the primary character in the story. He has his usual smelled a fart face throughout the entire film.

Again, its an interesting way of telling a story, and this film offers other filmmakers the opportunity to build upon it, but I know its nothing new. The acting really brought the movie down more than anything. The story was there, and was interesting, and there were a few cool sequences but overall I felt towards the middle ground on this one. Maybe when it comes out on DVD I'll rent it again, and update my judgements, but until then...

3.3 stars out of 4. Not a bad way to spend 90 minutes, but not exactly worth 9 dollars a pop.

This is my message to all you terrorist countries harboring tourrists. Bring em' on, thats my message to them, Bring em' on.

Where's Jim Cavizel when I need him. He'd likely turn my turtle face from a frown to a turtle type smile. Oh shit, here comes a road block..AHHHHHH!!! hodsuahf9405y934y54963324

I don't care if I am the last Kaing of Scotland, thisshhh is more importantshhhh. I must hold my uber stuboycam steady sosh I can see the schooter sit nextsh to me.
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Vantage Poo

Postby Kaing of Kaings » March 23rd, 2008, 10:02 pm

I just saw Vantage Poo yesterday and I pretty much agree with Stuboy. I did find the film entertaining except I still don't know if the Adam Goldberg look alike was a good guy or bad. Dennis Quaid looks like he hasn't taken a shit in years which explains his constipation face. Forrest Whitaker likes little Spanish girls too much and William Hurt is the stuest president ever.

Actually I take that back. We would be better off with William Hurt as president than George W. Bush as the Commander and Queef even though he has no presidential experience. If President Bush acted like Hurt did and refrained from bombing every country he can't pronounce or spell, we would be better off today than we were 7 years ago. Alright enough of my rant against the asshole and chief.

Anyway, the story keeps on rewinding itself, and I heard the guy behind me go, I hope this is the last one (time it rewinds) on about the third rewind. Turns out that guy, and the group I was in, had to watch 2 more rewinds and see 30 more minutes of Dennis Quaid's face. I think he is still pissed off that he didn't get the "flying out of the desert on fart power" idea that Jimmy did in Flight of the Phoenix (see Flight of Phoenix review).

Anyway, I guess the point of the story is that if Podus has been taken out of the building by tourist...I mean terrorist, than Podus will eventually be rescued by Dennis Quaid. Then Dennis Quaid will say, I found the Podus...and it is good. I give it 3.4 stars for being entertaining and one of the better films so far this year, which is not saying much. P.S. The Vantage Point sequel should be the terrorist attack only from the view points of the Spanish Girl's ice cream cone, a drop of sweat on Dennis Quaid's arm pits, the elevator the President rides on and Matt Fox's jock strap.


Once again, Podus released a toxic cloud of gas on the secret service. While he smiled at his achievement, the secret service was on the edge of death. Not from a terrorist mind you, but from Podus' ass.


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