Deja Vu - Netflatch Review

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Deja Vu - Netflatch Review

Postby TheStuboy » January 7th, 2008, 3:09 am

I finally was able to see this movie for the first time tonight, and at first I kind of thought it would stink, judging from what little I knew about it. For one, its directed by Tony Scott, which equals throw-up cam filming (see Mantha on Fire). My only hope for this movie would be denzen's character saving the film, and indeed he does.

The film is what I'd call mildly entertaining, but suffers from predictability too, or does it?

After having a hard time understanding the ending, I jumped on the IMDB boards and found out there is not just two time-lines in this film, but FOUR!!!

The guy who wrote the descriptions nailed the movie down, piece by piece. I probably would have understood what was going on better had netflatch sent me a better copy of the movie, and not one with a ton of scratches.

Denzen and Jim Cavizel are the only two who save this movie. Val Kilmer, even though he was Buttman, didn't do much for this film, neither did Adam Goldberg. I appreciated the reference to my dream though, the lion part, I never knew Tony Scott knew what I dreamt about, but I'm betting he's like Spielberg, who knows everything about me, or so stu says. When I meet him, he'll go, Hi Justin, I know about Mantha, and Milo.

Anyway, Deja Vu, like I said, was mildly entertaining, and has some plot twists, which are present, but kinda weak to me. I figured out what was going to happen mid movie, and that kind of sucked.

3.1 stars out of 4. Good job keeping the camera steady Mr. Scott. Much appreciated by my stomach.

Adam Goldberg, minutes before being torn apart by a lion, next to a limo, in a roller coaster tycoon like setting.

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