Into the Wild - (Into the UR MY CHILD)

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Into the Wild - (Into the UR MY CHILD)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 26th, 2007, 12:55 pm

While in Durango, CO over the last couple days, my new wife and I decided to see some movies. One of the movies was Sean Penn's Into the Wild which is based on the book written by Jon Krakauer. If you haven't had a chance to read some of Krakauer's work, I suggest you do. Under the Banner of Heaven was one of the most interesting books I have read in a long time and Into Thin Air was good too. I haven't read Into the Wild but I want to after seeing this movie.

Into the Wild is based on the true story of Christopher McCandless who ditches all of his possessions after graduating from college and decides to live out the adventure of his dreams in the west. He literally ditches his car and hitchhikes into the wilderness. Along the way, he meets people that he creates special relationships too. He carries things from each of those relationships till the end although, its not enough. Some of the places he went, I have been too and Sean Penn decided to shoot the entire film on site where Christopher actually went. Look for the Grand Canyon shots and the Lee's Ferry Shots.

As the movie progresses we see more and more why Christopher does what he does and what ultimately drove him to Alaska where he meets his ultimate fate. The cinematography is superb in some of the shots and at the end, we seem to feel a connection to Christopher.

I must say Emile Hirsch who plays the lead character did an excellent job at playing Christopher. He had to lose a lot of weight for the end and it shows.

This is one of those rare movies where you walk out of the theater and it sticks with you for a couple days. My woman loved it and even though it seemed a little long, I liked it too. Definitely one of the better films to come out this year, and it could get some Oscar buzz. Hopefully for Emile Hirsch because he made the movie what it is. I give it 3.65 out of 4 stars. Not a bad start to Oscar season.


Not to be confused with the winter battle scenes of WWIII, Christopher McCandless heads out into the Alaska wilderness.
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Postby TheStuboy » October 31st, 2007, 10:09 am

In a time in Hollywood when Michael Bay films and clones of it are polluting the mainstream, along comes an independent breath of fresh air. And from what it looks like, waaait, deerrrshhh more.

People have been so used to fast pace blow your butt off action movies this year, the one thing Hollywood neglected to do was develop a character we actually care about. Instead, they are interested in how big of an explosion or how bad someone has turtle.

Thus Into The Wild, an independent film (Produced by Paramount Vantage) comes along and reminds us that the purpose of film is not to waste it, but to tell a good story that will keep us entertained and captured. Into the Wild pulls this off.

I saw this film last night at the Century 16, after giving some change to some dumb ass pothead.

The film is based on the true story of Christopher McCandless, and Wuss gives a good rundown of the rest of the story.

I have also been to some of the places Chris went, the Grand Canyon, the area around Page, AZ, parts of South Dakota (it said Hot Springs at the end).

This film is mesmerizing. Sure it may be long, and at times sluggish, but you always want to know what happens next, even though I knew what the end was going in, I still didn't know how or why it had to happen.

I also agree that the cinematography in this film was outstanding. For an independent film, this is very close, if not better than a lot of Hollywood productions.

I too agree about the film sticking in my head. I still am looking back and remembering parts of it today. Not a lot of films this year have achieved that.

3.6 stars out of 4 from me too, yes, I expect this to be an Oscar contender. If it isn't in the race, I'll order an all out beat on Buki.

I agree too that Emile Hirsh made this movie. His dad was a Beatforce and his mom was a Wah. His sister was hot though :D .

Justin Stuboy (right) directs Emile Hirsh in 2007's Into the Wild. (Actually, its Sean Penn)
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