The Heartbreak Kid (The Fartknocker Kid)

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The Heartbreak Kid (The Fartknocker Kid)

Postby TheStuboy » October 7th, 2007, 12:37 am

It seems every time we see Ben Stiller on the screen, he can't seem to get a break in his life. Whether he is Meeting The Parents, Trying to enjoy a Duplex, Playing Dodgeball, or even snagging that something about Mary, he just can never seem to get what's rightfully his.

Once again, we have the Farelly brothers, the ones who brought you Dumb and Dumber, Kaingpin, Stuck On You, and Theres Something About Mary. They are experts in the field of comedy, and once again, manage to pull together a good film here.


Ben Stiller is 40 years old, and has never been married. His father (Jerry Stiller) and best friend (Rod Courdory) want to see him succeed, but can he.
Ben, walking along the street, sees a girl being mugged and tries to stop her attacker. Well it turns out the two hit it off and fall in love. They eventually get married as a result of pressure from Ben's dad and friend, and take their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, MX.

The problems begin from day one, as Ben notices his new wife is annoying, and not too bright, something he never saw in her. She stupidly forgets sunscreen and gets a mega sunburn leaving Ben to go about having all the fun, and he does, with another woman that is. He gradually falls more and more in love with her, but the problem is, he is still married, and he hasn't told his new found love. As you can guess, in true Farelly brothers style, it only gets worse.


The Farelly Brothers, like I said before, are masters of the comedy genre. This movie isn't too much different from their past adventures, other than the fact that it takes place in Mexico, and Carlos Mencia happens to be there.

I actually felt sorry for Ben multiple times in this film, you have to see it to believe it.

For some reason, I keep seeing movies that remind me of the fallout I experienced when my Jennifer dumped me. This film reminded me, as did that British comedy Cashback that I saw on Netflix.

One of the main differences between this film and other Farelly brothers is the amount of nudity in this film. I believe this is the first film where Ben Stiller had a pretty graphic and hilarious nude scene. However, the more you get to know the girl in the scene, the more uglier she becomes.

The Heartbreak Kid is a good movie for couples, and I recommend it to my fellow Ubstu critics, especially since you guys are lucky enough to have girlfriends. They'll like it just as much as you do.

I give it 3.4 stars out of 4. Its not as good as Kingpin, or Dumb and Dumber, but its a good attempt by the brother directors, that and it's frustrating.

(After looking at the reviews, I don't understand why this movie is getting a bad rap, it was entertaining, it was funny, and it was a good way to spend a Saturday night when I aint got nobody, I got some money cause I just got paid...)

No, I'm not joking, your new wife is NOT hot, she's also dumb as nails, by all means amigo, go after that hotter woman.

See what I mean amigo, she's really hot, you'd be an idiot to stay with your bimbo wife.
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Postby leeroy_t » October 11th, 2007, 12:23 pm

Jennifer was stu and fugly, if you would have stayed with her you would have ended up living in podunk wyoming and working a stu job and having stu kids. When you are dating wannabe hollywood starlets you will laugh that you ever dated that Jennifer chic. Need to get on and meet some mormon girls.

Im married by the way, Wuss to be married shortly, dont have GFs.
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The Fartbreak Kid

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 15th, 2007, 9:27 pm

Stu, take a lesson from this movie. Never rush into a relationship and get married after a short time. Take more than a year to get to know them before taking the plunge in the sac. It's never good to rush things and this movie proves it.

Speaking of sac, my soon to be wife and I saw this movie over the weekend. I have to say, I didn't hate it but it wasn't anything special either. That Michelle Monaghan is a hottie. I would have to say, I can't blame Ben Stiller for going after her. He was just to stu for marrying that girl he hardly knew. This movie is the typical Ben Stiller Formula Movie. Ben Stiller = Looser guy who needs a woman, Ben Stiller meets woman, Ben Stiller finds out woman is actually George W. Bush in drag, Ben Stiller gets shinged by Robert DeNiro, Ben Stiller joins the fashion world, Ben Stiller gets girl stolen by looser dufus from the Bible Belt. Ben Stiller gets kicked in the junk, Ben Stiller meets Ben Stiller.

Don't get me wrong, I like the guy and he has been in some funny movies. But Ben, like the Farrelly brothers who directed this, hasn't been original since Something About Mary. Granted Stuck on You and Shallow Hal are ok, they aren't Kingpin or Dumb and Dumber. These guys need a shot of creativity up there asses in order to come up with something new and refreshingly funny, not the same gags over and over.

Anyway, I must give this movie 2.95 stars out of 4. Carlos Mencia and Michelle Monaghan make this movie watchable. And yes, there are some funny parts but overall its the same old stu and dance.


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Dumb and Dumber
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