The Brave One - (The Kang One)

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The Brave One - (The Kang One)

Postby TheStuboy » September 15th, 2007, 6:19 pm

The Brave One stars Jodie Foster and some guy named Terrance and was produced by Wiener Brothers and Village Heashow pictures.


Jodie Foster is about to get married to her boyfriend who she really loves but things take a turn for the worse when the couple are out walking their dog through central park. Their dog runs ahead trying to capture a ball and is kidnapped by a gang of Mexicans who, when they run into Foster, brutally beat her and murder her boyfriend, all caught on video tape by some hexican. Jodie struggles to deal with her anger and begins to become a completely different person. How many wrongs does it take to make it right? All the while, a detective (Terrance) is tracking each and every thing that happens, and suspects Foster is guilty. Can he be sure, or is Foster a hero?


The Brave One has more than one slow point. I counted about six times where the film was slow, but the weird thing is, this didn't seem to bother me. Yes, I noticed the points, but I was soon surprised and glad when the pace quickly, and often shockingly picked up.

For all you perves out there, check out a boob shot, and a slight oates spot too on behalf of Mrs. Foster. Other than that, no more nudity in the film.

The film made me think about the state of crime in our society today. It also brings up a good point about gun control and whether people should be allowed to have guns at all. The answer to the final question is yes.

Judging from what I saw in this movie, if everyone had a gun, crime would be down. If everyone wasn't so god damn stupid, we wouldn't have crime.

This however relates only to the big cities, in this films case, NYC. The ethnicity in this film plays a big part of the story as 90% of the crimes are committed by someone other than Caucasian.

Is this saying everyone of that particular race is a bad person? No, but in big cities, judging from what we all see on the news, they are the ones that commit a majority of the crimes. What causes these crimes? Poverty.
Who is responsible for that poverty, it certainly isn't the government's fault, its the person.

So when watching this film, and it is pretty entertaining, watch how you start thinking about crime and how we can potentially prevent things like what happened in the film from happening in the future.

The acting on behalf of Mrs. Foster and that dude name Terrance is very believable. I mean, I saw Jodie in The Accused (1988) and in Contact (1997) and in both roles, she shines through where other actors failed. That being said, there are some people in this film that are just bad actors, but they aren't important characters, so meh, it doesn't matter.

Terrance does a good job, and you come to side with his character quite a bit, as you side more with Foster. The story isn't predictable, like Disturdia, but you can start to see where things are going, especially towards the end. Jodie Foster did better as a challenged character in Panic Room (2002) than she did in this film, but thats not saying she isn't a good actress, its just that film was tighter and more frustrating than this one.

P.S. Notice the cool ass shot at the end, reminiscent of the ol' Grand Theft Auto days.

The Brave One gets 3.4 stars out of 4. Its not perfect, but its certainly not as bad as Superbad or The Dumber Twenty Pee.

So we got two dead sheeits over here, and one dead dumbshit in that other place, wait, who cares, they deserved to die, its their dumb fault for messing with the wrong girl.

Foster and Director Neil Jordan notice Spiderman not doing his job very well, and Sam Raimi pissed off at how bad Kirsten Unst acted in the third film.
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