Rush Hour 3 (Stu Hour Paris Edition)

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Rush Hour 3 (Stu Hour Paris Edition)

Postby TheStuboy » August 12th, 2007, 6:34 pm

I had the opporunity to see this film last night at the hess theaters in RS complete with a packed house and a fat slob sitting next to me laughing at the funny parts and spoiling things before they happened. WTF is wrong with some people?

Anyway, (SPOILERS>>>>>>>)

Rush Hour 3 comes six years after Rush Hour 2 and once again, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are up to their old ways. The chinese consulate - in the first film - returns with his daughter, who is now grown up and much more of a ko than she used to be. The Chinese triads want him and a bunch of other snitches dead and now even Chan and Tucker are marked to be killed by a number of assassins. They must travel to Paris to save Soyung and its all laughs from here to the French Snob capital of the world.


Rush Hour 3 starts off slow, and MAN has Chris Tucker gained weight. He's absolutely fat! He's still his loud/annoying self. Enough so that it gets on Chan's nerves and tensions must have been high during certain parts of this film's making as it shows. But alas, they are partners and the film ends on a high note.

The film starts off pretty slow but picks up very quickly and gets going into the good stuff. Some of the stunts aren't as over the top (or are they?) as the second film, but this film's stunts top the first one by far. I won't spoil them but know that they are very well done and some looked very painful. Jackie Chan even knocked himself unconscious during the filming of one scene with a table.

The humor is dry to the start, and it would have been better had that fat slob that is RS hessianicy sat next to me. He ruined most of the film with his splaaahh aanzzsweerr mee type behavior.

Still, the film doesn't measure up to the second one's greatness, but it is still very entertaining and I believe that this may be the last time we see these two on screen together. Chan is in good shape though, so who knows. You can tell he works out. Tucker on the other hand, hes gained a lot of weight.

Rush Hour 3 gets 3.3 stars out of 4. Entertaining, but not as funny as The Simpsons movie. I do still recommend this film though.

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