SiCKO - (It's Not SuCKO)

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SiCKO - (It's Not SuCKO)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » July 27th, 2007, 7:37 pm

While in Rapid City after camping, we had to fill out our tradition of stopping and catching a flick at the theater off of I-90 near the Rushmore Mall. This time, we saw SiCKO, a movie that I was afraid they wouldn't release wide but they finally did.

SiCKO is Michael Moore's latest documentary into what is wrong with America and what can be done to make it better. The subject, America's health care system which sucks balls at the moment. Michael Moore has the guts to expose the insurance companies and hospitals for flat out denying people coverage for the stupidest reasons. He also points out health care costs, which are also astronomical and ridiculous. He shows us the Health Care systems where Socialized medicine is practice, and no not all are communist run counties...VIVA UBSTU JTE.. By giving us a perspective of other countries, including Cuba which is Communist but that doesn't mean human beings don't live there, we get the picture that our health care system needs a MAJOR overhaul.

Many of you already know this and have your own personal health care rip off story to tell. Those of us fortunate to have a good health insurance plan know that premiums are going up and nothing is gained in return. This might be Michael Moore's most important documentary to date. And when you see prisoners and terrorists at Guantanimo Bay getting better (SOCIALIZED) than we do, you will wonder why any asshole on capital hill still has an office that supports this kind of thing.

America, it is time to make a change! It is time to rise up and clean up the huge piles of shit on capitol hill (yes Bush, that means you too). Once we sterilize the place and get a new system, we will be able to say....Terrorist your game is through...cause now you'll have to answer too. AMERICA F@#K Yea...Coming again to save the MothaF*&ken day ya.

Michael Moore is a skillful story teller and he gets his point across here with laughter and many times, sadness and disgust for the way our health care system leaves people out in the cold. I encourage all you Michael Moore haters to see this movie. I bet this movie is just as relevant to you as it is to someone on the other side of the political fence. It does have its slower parts and might not be as entertaining as Fahrenheit 911 or Bowling for Columbine but it is probably his most convincing documentary to date. I give this movie 3.7 stars out of 4 and definitely one of the best movies this year.

P.S. People, including us, were clapping at the end of this film. This is surprising being in Rapid City, South Dakota, which is a pretty strong Red State. Some guy afterward told us his brother's horror story about an insurance company. It's good to see people having intelligent discussions because of a film.


May Michael Moore continue to make movies and may people continue talk about the issues he presents. The day people stop talking about the issues is the day we stop becoming Americans and start becoming Stu.
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Postby TheStuboy » August 4th, 2007, 11:22 pm

I like movies that show me how stupid we as Americans some times can be, but most of the time are.

This go around, Michael tackles the United States Health Care system, or lack there-of. He goes pretty over the top with his antics (as he has in the past) in this film as well, and its actually appauling to see the state we live in. I don't think I need to go into details about how screwed up our healthcare system is, I figure if you're not stupid or Sean Hannity, you understand that we are one of the only few countries in the world that actually doesn't have Government regulated healthcare. No wonder we are all over weight and sick with diabetes among cancer and the like. No wonder our infant mortality rate is higher than many other countries as rich as we are. Unfortunately, I don't forsee anything getting any better as long as we keep electing idiots like GWB.

Sicko, for michael moore fans, is another treat on top of his growing film library of excellence, whatever you want to call it.

Basically, the man knows how to make documentaries, and however Unamerican he may seem, he's right, we are pretty god damn stupid.

3.9 Stars out of 4
The best documentary of 2007 so far.
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