Live Free or Diehard (Live Kang or DieStu)

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Live Free or Diehard (Live Kang or DieStu)

Postby TheStuboy » June 30th, 2007, 10:31 pm

The fourth (and probably final) installment to the Diehard Franchise opened earlier this week everywhere, but was viewed by me, Freddie Farz Jr. on 6-30-07 at the RS Crap Theater with stupid noisy kids next to me.

What did I think of the new Diehard? Read on...


John McClane is much older, 19 years older to be exact. Yes, it was 19 years ago that he was battling Alan Rickman in the Nakatomi Plaza in LA. Now a senior detective in the NYPD, John gets the tough cases, just what he likes. However, something bad is going on, and as John's luck couldn't be any worse, it becomes another bad day.

Instead of old fart terrorism, this is something never before seen in any Diehard film, or probably in any other film, well, except Fireballwarz, which flat out sucked compared to this one.

John's nemesis' are computer hackers, nerds with nothing better to do, nothing that is except shut down the entire country and steal money. What better way to do it than hack into every computer system.

To start, they must acquire hackers, people who do this for a living, and use some of their code to hack into every system of the US Government. Enter Justin Long. He previously hacked into the US Social Security system. So, the bad guy needs his code. However, the suspect helping usually is terminated. That is unless you have John McClane watching your back.

John saves Justin and the two track down the bad guys one by one in some pretty insane stunts the first three films wouldn't dare touch.

Will they dismantle the bad guy before he steals so much money and the country is left in ruins? Will John McClane save the day again, and save his daughter as well?


Its been a long time since we've seen or heard of John McClane, too long. Try since 1996. This was when what was thought to be the last Diehard was made and it quickly became the worst in the series. Not this film though. The fourth Diehard soars past "With a Vengence" and nips at the heals of "Die Harder."

Nothing can replace the first film's moments though, I still laugh and often mimick Alan Rickman's acting/dialog.

This movie starts out where we'd expect to see it start, John McClane has been through hell in the past 11 years since riding with Samuel Adams Jackson in the third film, he has lost his hair, his wife, and his daughter's respect.

I liked the actress selected for Lucy McClane's role "Mary Elizabeth Winstead." Not only is she a great actress, she isn't bad to look at either. Neither is a new female villain either, see hot Asian chick.

The film's stunts and action sequenced are well mixed, as are the moments where we get to know the characters better.

Don't get me started on how insane the stunts themselves are though. Think of the first film on steroids, that or the second film's few action points on mega steroids. Needless to say, John gets his ass kicked numerous times in this film, and you know he'd die in real life, but come on, this is John McClane. He's stood up to his fair share of terrorists - Alan Rickman, William Sadler and Jeremy Irons. Granted, Irons was a wuss, as was Sadler, who shouldn't have played a bad guy. The bad guy(s) in this film are kinda wussy, but kinda pissy at the same time. They are the kind that piss you off so much, you want to throw thousands of bukis at them.

John does his best, and his famous line is said as per tradition.

Live Free or Diehard is a fun ride and unfortunately, it could really happen to this country. Especially since George Bush is not only a dumbass, but thinks there are more than one internets.

As my little synopsis you can publish on the internets,
"Diehard 4 is a massive turtle explosive ride after another, 3.8 stars out of 4."

Justin: Hea, I know you're a bad guy, er girl, but after this scene is filmed, do you mind if we go play the game called Oates? Hea hea!

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Postby Kaing of Kaings » July 1st, 2007, 6:44 pm

Just got back from seeing Live Kang or Die Stu. All I can say about it is, man, John McClane should have be dead 100% over and good god Kevin Smith is getting fatter and balder. Oh, Maggie Q and Mary Elizabeth Winstead are hotties.

I actually thought I recognized the main bad guy and it turns out to be the drug dealer guy from GO, Timothy Olyphant. He is also in the upcoming Hitman movie, which they showed a preview for. Mary Elizabeth was in Final Destination 3 and Grindhouse (Death Proof), and Maggie Q was in Mission Impossible 3 where she was an action chick as well. Justin Long did a good job as the nerdy hacker.

As for the story, I bet something like this could happen and if it did, there would be massive hysteria. The reason for it happening isn't quite as clear but it always seems to come down to the money or Maggie Q in an elevator shaft. Anyways, our society is doomed if people think and act like this and unfortunately, most often, people do.*

So what about the movie. It is entertaining, (probably a little more than the 3rd Die Hard) but the truth is, I walked out of the theater thinking, eeehh it was ok. It does have balls to the wall action (most of it not believable) and it has the babes (sorry no nudity perverts ;) but I kind of felt numbed by it all in the end. It seemed like some of the action was taken from other movies too...see True Lies. I wish James Cameron would come back and direct an action flick. I think he is still the Kang of Action. Enough of my ranting. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 4. It's good to watch and turn off your brain for 2 hours.

In this movie, you have a choice. You can either Live Kang?


Or Die with a Boner.



P.S. The only corporate theater in town is not showing Sicko and they aren’t sure if they are. Those bastards better show it or I will beat. They didn’t have any problem showing Fahrenheit 9/11.
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