1408 - (Do Not Enter 1408)

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1408 - (Do Not Enter 1408)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » June 23rd, 2007, 8:06 pm

Just got back from 1408 starring John Q Sac and Samuel Ell. Jackson. So what did we think?

1408 is about a writer played by John Q who is struggling to finish a book and find himself as a human being after a past tragedy tore his family apart. Now he is fixed in finding evidence of the paranormal, or disproving it. He is like fellow IMPS investigators who do ghost investigations (New Bisbee/Tombstone Report coming soon).

After boogie boarding with Gomps and getting a bump on the head, he gets a challenge to not stay in room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel in New York City. Of course he is intrigued and goes to stay in this room. The problem is, people who check in the room, don't check out...at least not alive. Samuel Ell tries to stop him but you know where the story goes from there.

Anyway, as a person interested in investigating the paranormal, I found this movie might be a good one to go to. My woman thought so to. It has been getting good reviews and there was a lot of reaction from the audience. Johny Q does a good job acting, as always, and I do think he is underrated sometimes.

So what about the movie you ask...There were some moments that made me jump and at one point, I did have chills running down my back, which is rare these days in cinema. People don't make scary movies any more. They only care about blood and guts and after a while, you just get numb to it (see Saw and Hostel). We don't have any modern day Poltergeist like movies but this movie, while not on par with Poltergeist, is still effective in some of its scarier moments. It does have some slow parts and sometimes, you can see what's coming but it is better than average.

I give this movie 3.35 stars out of 4. The acting is pretty good and yes, you will jump in your seats a couple times. Unless your Kang of course.


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