Blades of Glory - (Balls of Furry)

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Blades of Glory - (Balls of Furry)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » April 1st, 2007, 12:56 pm

Friday, some co-workers, my woman and I decided to see Will Ferrell's and Jon Heder's (Napoleon Dynamite) next foray into the world of second hand sports.

The movie was Blades of Glory and judging from the previews, it seemed like it would be pretty funny. Of course I felt the same way about Talladega Nights when I saw the previews and then I was kind of disappointed.

The story follows the first mail pair ice skaters from their singles start to their eventual joining of forces. There are some scenes that are genuinely funny and I found myself laughing my ass off. These scenes take place mostly in the beginning and some in the middle. By the last act, the gags get old and repetitive like most Will Ferrell movies.

That being said, this movie isn't bad but I wish the writers would have stopped using the same gags over and over. This is funnier than Talladega Nights and I think it is also funnier than Old School and Anchorman. It is way better than Elf which I officially hate, except for Zooey Deschanel. Jon Heder plays a good metro-sexual person in this movie as well and he is also funny at times. You must not forget the knock out Jenna Fischer who plays a girl forced to PT by her skating duo sister and brother.

If the funniness of the first and second act carried over into the last act, this would of been a hilarious movie. Instead, the 3rd act was the same gags of the first two. That being said, I give this movie 2.75 stars out of 4. I do recommend this movie to any Will Ferrell/Napoleon Dynamite fan.


The dream of many men is being realized by Will Ferrell. Too bad she is just PTing him in this scene.


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