The Number 23 (The Dumber Thriller Be)

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The Number 23 (The Dumber Thriller Be)

Postby TheStuboy » March 12th, 2007, 1:43 am

Put a good producer and director together and you usually get a good movie right? Yes, thats the way it usually happens in Hollywood. Take Robert Zemeckis directing Back to the Future. With Steven Spielberg producing, you are guaranteed a hit.

Now the opposite situation. Put a crappy producer (Toby Emmerich) and a crappy director (Joel Schumacher) together, and what do you get? A lousy dissapointing film. Thus is The Number 23.


Jim Carrey (Walter) is an animal control officer who has a boring job, with a stuboy and a hot wife Virginia Madsen. He seemingly forgets everything, much because his memory was erased in Eternal Sunshine, which is a better movie than this one, but still, hear me out.

So Walter runs into a mysterious dog, who takes out a good chunk of his arm, but also magically casts a spell on him. One night, while waiting for his wife, he runs into her in a book store where she buys him a birthday present. A book, aptly titled "The Number 23". Walter begins reading the book, and as soon as you can say PLOT focus, becomes obsessed with the book and the number 23 which apparently can be found just about everywhere. This has both obvious (see trailer) and dire consequences (see movie).


Joel Schumacher has only one good movie (as far as I'm concerned) under his belt, and that is the third Batman (Batman Forever). Jim Carrey also happened to be in that film, and I believe, made the movie what it was. That and Tommy Lee Jone's listening to his two girls describe his dinner... The "Ahh" scene.

Anyway, Toby Emmerich, eh, there is not much to say about this fruity producer. He tends to dab in the totally illogical (see Frequency) and obviously likes to make sure his ideas come out in the film, rather than the writer. I take that back, his MORALS come out in the films he makes, rather than his writing ideas.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, out of 4, this movie got a 4 as far as sexual content is concerned, however there is a problem...where exactly is this content??? Okay okay, there is VERY brief nudity, but the content I saw was totally PG. WTF??? Jim Carrey does have, what I believe, his first on screen sex scene, but its one of those "Cider House Rules - Clothed" nude scenes, and, like the story, doesn't last long.

That brings me to another point in this film. The story. Now the concept of a character obsessed with a number and all of its implications intrigued me originally, but this film fails to produce that spark I was looking for. In fact, it fails to explain what it was trying to get across. Okay okay, so the twist at the end we all know about explains some things, and there are nice little clues along the way, but it takes forever for things in general, to get going.

For an hour and a half long movie, it sure felt longer. I kept wanting something to happen but was stuck with needless cutaways and stuboyfilming of unimportant shiznit.

Jim Carrey was WRONG for this roll. Okay, I know he was in Eternal Sunshine and what not, and he is trying to display the fact that he isn't just a comedian, but with a poor script, he fails to convince me. Even the humor is relatively blah in this film.

Jim, you're a talented actor, please choose your scripts wisely. Don't do something just because Toby Emmerich says its a good idea. Most, if not all the time, Toby is WRONG. I'm making a vow never to work with his worthless fruity ass.

For all the hype it got, and the mixed reviews, I unfortunately have to lean with the poorer reviews on this one. Its a major disappointment to me, having to shell out 8.75 and waste a good Sunday evening.

The Number 23 gets 2.3 stars out of 4. Its not as great as it looks. I urge you to look at the director and producer before seeing this, that'll give you enough of a hint.

On another note, the film likely would have been better had the projectionist done his job and not chopped 3/4 of the frame off for the entire film. I seemed to be the only one who noticed we were missing 1/4 of the frame. Also, stupid people in front of me and to my right were talking during the film. SHUT THE HELL UP AND WATCH THE MOVIE FOR GOD SAKE!!!

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