Oscar Night Reaction 2007 - Can U Suck It?

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Oscar Night Reaction 2007 - Can U Suck It?

Postby Kaing of Kaings » March 3rd, 2007, 8:30 pm

Well, another Wascar season has come and gone. This time, however, the Academy got it right. This year, the movie and director that should of won, won.

I am very happy Marty got the director nod. He deserved it. His picture did too.

The only dissapointment this year was that Pan's Labyrinth didn't get best foreign film although I heard "The Lives of Others" is good.

I'm glad Cars didn't get best picture even though I hadn't seen any of the animated features. Don't get me wrong, I think Pixar is a swell company. I just think they can and have done better.

I am glad Forrest Whitaker won although I thought Peter O'Tool should probably have received it.

I am really glad Alan Arkin won for best supporting actor in Little Miss Sunshine especially after I heard Eddie Murphy left the Oscars during the ceremony because he was pissed he didn't win. What did you expect when you follow up Dreamgirls with Norbit. God he is Stu.

I saw the Queen best actress win comming and the Dreamgirls American Idol Loser winner comming too. Nothing too exciting in those categories.

I am glad Al Gore won for "An Inconvienient Truth" . His skit with Leo was probably the funniest part of the oscars.

I thought Ellen did a good job too and was funnier than Chris Rock or Jon Steward. She ain't no Billy Crystal though. I thought the Shadow People were cool too. Anyways this year was a lot better than last years. Finally an Oscar where the good films win.
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