Pan's Labyrinth - (Pooh's Buttbreath)

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Pan's Labyrinth - (Pooh's Buttbreath)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » February 9th, 2007, 7:19 pm

I just got back from seeing Pan's Labyrinth this afternoon. So here is what I think. Pan's labyrinth is a story of fantasy mixed with harsh reality. It is set after the Spanish Civil War during 1944. The girl with her mother who is pregnant with the Captain's wife arrives at an outpost in the forest. The Captain wants them their so he can be present when the baby is born. He also has to fight the Spanish rebels in the highlands.

During the story, the girl gets wrapped up in a fantasy land in which she must complete three tasks in order to become a princess. I know this may sound all corny and girly to you but the movie isn't. This is far from you're typical Disney movie and much better than most I may add. Anyway, the fairy tales get darker and darker while the real world keeps on spinning out of control. It's kind of like Children of Men only in the past and with Spanish subtitles and without Saving Private Ryan battles. The subtitles actually didn't bother me on this one though.

The movie is directed by Mexican Director Guillermo del Toro who directed shitty movies like Mimic and Blade II. He also directed the so-so Hellboy and is directing the sequel to that movie. This is his best movie to date by far and it is also up for an Academy Award for best Foreign film. The acting is well done in this movie and the cinematography is good too. Even the computer generated effects weren't cheesy but effective.

This is what I like to call a well done movie. I give it 3.6 stars out of 4 and it is on my top 10 of last year (this movie was originally released last year). So Hea.


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