Saw III - (Angus McFadden's William Wallace Bad Dream)

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Saw III - (Angus McFadden's William Wallace Bad Dream)

Postby TheStuboy » February 6th, 2007, 12:11 am

I rented Saw III prior to it arriving on Netflix as it was only a dollar 50 at the new rent thing in the HC, which I must say was a very smart move. Now I can rent movies like Gay Marine, Cranky, and the Illstusionist. I can also rent movies like Kang of the Month and The Coleflatchant.

Without revealing any spoilers, I can pretty much say that if you've seen the first two Saw films, you know what you're in for. More gruesome and difficult situations to get through before exploding into a million pieces or getting dead.

Jigsaw is in worse off shape than ever before, and he calls on a professional doctor to save his life as it slowly drains from his body. She is part of the game and has to keep him alive or else. All the while, Ahgus McFadden, aka Robert the Bruce, has to go through a game of his own, and find his way out of several scary and tense, and absolutely disgusting situations.

Saw 3 doesn't really scare me or have as much of a gross out effect as the first two did, and the story is a lot weaker than the previous two films, but nonetheless, if you're a fan of the series, I suggest you watch this and make your own decisions.

One problem I've had with the entire series is the flashes of Stuboy filming. They get very old after awhile. How many times can we see a guy getting torchered, before getting the point?

Land's titles, nothing, I have nothing. He Fights, for something I never had, a device that intricately torchers people in f-ed up ways.

As with the last film, what the hell were the writers of this film smoking when writing this film?? Honestly, how many ways can we mutilate a human body, this must have been the question of the script.

Saw III gets 3.1 stars out of 4. Its not the best in the series, I'd say the first and the second are better.

Word to the weak stomach - as with the other 2 films, use discretion.
I'm tellin ya, watch too much reality TV and this could happen to you.

Little did he know that William Wallace was waiting around the corner, and he could barely hear the puffer song beginning to play.

Word of Warning, Saw 4 is on its way, this one confirms it.
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