Paparazzi (Pooperazzi)

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Paparazzi (Pooperazzi)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » January 24th, 2005, 12:11 am

Picture your self on a beach of southern California not far from Gomp's house. Your standing there, buck naked with your beautiful wife, who happens to be Robin Tunney, and your kid is there too for some reason. Now picture a perverted Tom Sizemore sneaking up on you and trying to take a picture of your gigantic shlong for the front page of the Tabloids.

This is the life of the new famous action star in the movie Paparazzi. I think his name is Collin but he plays the character Bo Laramie in the movie, man this guy has a super dorky head. Anyway, Tom Sizemore's Character is a Paparazzi and wants to ruin Bo's life because Bo punched him in the face while his son was playing a good game of Fungalblast, European Style. After this, it's war between Bo and Tom Sizemore.

Things start to get really bad when the Paparazzi, including the Fat Baldwin, cause Bo to get into a wreck and he almost loses Robin and the kid. Pissed off, he goes after each of the Paparazzi and eventually ends up killing every one except for Tom who gets arrested (just like in real life) and sent to prison.

Now that I gave the story away, lets actually review the movie. The main actor who played Bo had a super dorky head which means there is a chance I could get into show business too. Tom Sizemore did a good job playing a sleeze ball Paparazzi guy whos only mission is to make stars lives hell. I liked him in Saving Private Ryan and wish he would do some more big profile movies. Robin Tunney is just my girl friend and always hot.

Overall, this movie was a little action film produced by Mel Gibson, man this guy is everywhere. Its pretty entertaining most of the time and people should view it for the Brainless action film it is. It isn't bad to see a movie that doesn't require brains everyonce in a while. I give it about 2 and a half stars out of 4. Look for cameos from Mel Gibson, Chris Rock, and Mathew McConnehey. Also look for an oscar worthy performance from Gomps who can be seen in the back ground driving down the LA freeways and listening to Coleflatch.
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