Man of the Year - (Mantha of the Year)

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Man of the Year - (Mantha of the Year)

Postby TheStuboy » October 14th, 2006, 1:59 pm

As I browse to see what this movie is rated, wow I find a disasterous 19%.

Now bear in mind, I just looked at this rating for the first time before writing this review and well after seeing the movie last night. I'm actually not surprised at the negative reviews this film has been getting, but as a filmmaker I must remind myself not to be too overly critical when it comes to movie viewing.

I went into this movie with an open mind and no general idea of what this movie was going to be like, and I came out satisfied. Maybe thats because I wasn't alone this time, or maybe its because I'm one of the few who actually sees a good film with this one.


Man of the Year stars Robin Williams as Tom Dobbs, a John Stewartish comedian with a political show that I'd really enjoy if it were actually on TV. His comedy is refreshing since most of it is reatively true. Tom is doing a preshow audience warm up, which in itself is hilarious, when a lady stands up and suggests that he should run for president, since he seems to have the right idea on how to run this country. And so he does. Now I know its a bit far fetched that an ordinary guy can run for president and have a fighting chance, but take a look what happened in California. If our canidates were as cool and actually made as much sense as Robin does, I have a feeling America wouldn't be as hated as it is now with GWB in office.

So Robin continues on the campaign trail deciding against having TV ads, which really makes sense when you think about it because "canidates aren't products". He goes to the final presidential debate which pits him against the incumbent president Kellogg, and some stu senator Mills who has no chance in hell. Robin right away starts eaking away at the other two canidates, and its funny because what he is explaining sounds very familiar to our real canidates and such. You really see how screwed up Democracy can be.

Anyway...its election day, and the country is relying on a computer voting system with software that unfortunately has a flaw that only Laura Linney knows about, and she can't seem to tell anyone and here is where the story turns.


This movie is not 100% comedy by all means. Do not come into this film expecting to laugh for an hour and a half. But do expect to laugh since the comedy is relevant and very funny. Expect to see more than that.
Not only will you be treated to a comedy, you'll be treated to a political thriller as well, which shocked the hell out of me, but I enjoyed it because dare I say, it WAS NECESSARY TO THE PLOT!!! Oh my, every critic run and hide!

What I believe happened was that since there is this interesting plot turn in this film, which like I said needed to happen, was that all of these critics got confused and said wait, with my closed mind, I thought this was supposed to be a comedy only, this movie sucks!

I say, bah, humbug!

One thing you must do and I can't stress this enough, (if you choose to see this) is COME WITH AN OPEN MIND!

This whole film was basically saying that America's divided state really can't seem to get the hint of how its making us look stu! If we all took a minute to think outside the box and look at the real issues when voting for our politicians, we'd likely have a better country in our hands.
I like the last line in the movie "Politicians are like diapers, they should be changed as frequently as possible."

Also, think outside the bun to, and don't ever ever go to McDonalds ever again! This has nothing to do with the movie, I'm just inserting a random fact that it got me sick when I was in G.R. last weekend.

I give man of the year 2.8 stars out of 4, since it has a few slow moments and Jeff Goblum's character was scarrry guyyy.

"See, being honest is always the best policy, I'll have you know I just farted a while back, so those of you behind me got a fart bomb present."

"You know, of course you're going to support hydrogen cars, since you're already backed by the oil companies." (Senator Mills - not pictured - is the GWB equivilent in this film.)
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