Jackass Number Two....Jackass No more stu!

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Jackass Number Two....Jackass No more stu!

Postby TheStuboy » September 23rd, 2006, 11:37 pm

I find it funny in the trailers for this film when they quoted movie reviews with people saying how this is the degeneration of society and all that bs that old farts said about the first film. If they didn't say it for that one, they sure as heck will say it for this one.

For those of you who give this film negative reviews simply because of its content, take a look at how much bank its making first, and shut your mouths....more rant later in this review...

After witnessing a three car pile-up virtually right in front of my eyes down where State Street meets I-80, I continued on and was right on schedule, missing the stu previews for such movies as The Grudge 2, and a movie staring Samuel L Jackson and Cristina Ricci.

The movie began just like the first one ended, but with new cast members we're used to seeing if we watch alot of MTV (I don't but I've seen the shows these guys are on). From there, we are hurled from one prank or skit to another, and they gradually get more disgusting and graudally more painful...

We have Johnny Knoxville of course, Stevo, Wee Man, Bam, Ryan Dunn as well as a few veterans from the first film. Some of the stunts they performed in this film looked extremely painful.

I sensed a lot of remorse from all of the characters, and you'll likely see it too, since its obvious. They don't like hurting their friends, but for the sake of the camera, and the ensuing laughs, they do. There is some holding back in this, but it pays off with gut busting laughter. This movie brought me pretty close to tears at several points, especially the fart astronaut skit.

-Warning rant returns, this rant is written by a professional, do not attempt to write anything this writer writes-
Now of course this movie has nothing but stupidity written all over it, but wait a minute, ISN'T OR WASNT that the POINT??? Some times you feel like crap from who knows what, maybe you can't seem to find a girlfriend because they are all stu, or maybe you lost your job or whatever, and you're in dire need of a good laugh.

If thats the case you are in, Jackass Number Two will bring you out of your stoop and you'll be laughing the whole way through.

So what I'm saying about these critics writing about how this is the downfall of society. I don't see every single person in the world doing these stunts? I don't walk out my dorm to see some kid pooping in a tube while some guy gags. No, sure from you're static little world of writing crappy movie review after crappy movie review, yes, it may differ from YOUR normal environment and thus you blast this movie, but not me.

I tend to have a broad sense of what I like and dislike, and Jackass Number Two did what it was suppoed to do, show me a good time while I shell out 8 bucks.

In conclusion you can call me stu, but I give Jackass Number Two, 3 stars out of 4, its funny, its gross, its painful, its everything you expect it to be, and then some.

Johnny Knoxville and his gang prepare to get hit by a ton of flying paintball like objects, this one looked really painful!

Wee Man's about to go for a ride.
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Postby leeroy_t » September 25th, 2006, 2:06 pm

People that take these movies to seriously are retarded, do they expect real acting? or a point to any of this? NO!!! and they shouldnt. Jackass is just a bunch of stu guys doing stu things that make people laugh, cringe, etc.... I have not seen the movie yet, but I will probably see it in the next few weeks.
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Jackass Number STU

Postby Kaing of Kaings » October 6th, 2006, 3:54 pm

I just got back from seeing Jackass Number 2. I went into the theater expecting a bunch of crazy people doing crazy stunts that involve pain, anguish, embarrassment and a lot of flatch. I payed $6.00 to see it. And guess what, I got what I paid for.

About a week ago, I told my woman that I wanted to see Jackass 2 because I just wanted to see all the crazy stunts. Her friend was like, oh my god, I cant believe you are going to see that crap. I simply mentioned, well, thats what I want to see, a bunch of crap that involves stunts, flatch, and the pooh. They seemed like they couldn't believe it. I respect their views.

Yea, it is a bunch of stupid people doing stupid, crazy stunts that any sane person wouldn't dare do. But there is something about watching other people do extremely painful things and then being able to laugh at it. Maybe that means our society is sick. But, lets not forget, what the Roman's did for entertainment when they watched gladiators shing innocent slaves and animals. Or when people would gather in the Midevil town squares of Europe during the dark ages to watch people being tortured to death. Or when the Puritans burned thousands of innocent women at the stake because they thought they were witches. Or even Monday night football where the quarterback gets sacked by the other teem. Or WWF fungal blast wrestling where a bunch of sweaty hea men fake fight each other and throw chairs at each other? The point is, there is worse stuff you can watch for entertainment.

The people on Jackass do real stunts and yes, they really get hurt. But for some reason, people find it entertaining. And that's exactly what it is, entertainment. Ever since the first Australopithecus africanus ancestor of ours, took a water buffalo bone and banged his neighbor Australopithecus on the head and made his clan laugh, our human ancestors and us have been laughing at others getting hurt. This is no different.

The thing is, these guys do push it sometimes and although they are professionals, they are also lucky to be alive. In some cases, they can be seriously hurt but in rare cases, die. I bet Jackass 3 will have more crazier stunts and people will want to see them. I just hope it doesn't cost one of the Jackass teams lives because it seems to me, they are treading a fine line. Either that or one of the random people they Punk' will end up seriously hurting one of the boys.

Either way, I was entertained. There was times when I laughed, times when I cringed and times when I wanted to throw up. (There is a lot of throw up and poo in this movie). I give it 3 stars out of 4. It sure as hell beats siting though Capote or other movies like that.

P.S. Speaking of Capote, there is another movie about Capote that is coming out soon and it is about the same thing as the first Capote movie. What the f@#k is up with that?


Oh yea, this reminds me. People pay to see this stuff all the time. It's called a Rodeo.
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