Talladega Nights - (The Ballad of Stinky Poopy)

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Talladega Nights - (The Ballad of Stinky Poopy)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » September 9th, 2006, 4:38 pm

Just got back from seeing Talladega Nights. My woman went to see it with her roommates and while she didn't think it was as good as Anchorman, her roommates liked it. I kept on putting this movie off but wanting to see it so I could judge it for myself. So this morning, I got up to see the 10:35 show at the Harkins. So what did I think?

This movie is a stereotypical movie with Will Ferrell movie where Will acting is over the top and it seems like he is constantly yelling. It's not saying that the guy doesn't have tallent, its just saying that he always plays the hyperactive, obnoxious loudmouth. This movie is no exception. Will plays Ricky Bobby who is the worlds fastest NASCAR racer. That is, until a gay French man comes along and takes Bobby's lead. The french guy spends most of the time sluring his words in a stu french accent and going hea next to his boyfriend. Bobby has a fake crisis after he wrecks when he thinks he is on fire and this leads to some of the funnier parts of the movie.

Bobby's sidekick a guy named Cal who is played by a UBSTUdios favorite, John C. Reilly who was in Boogie Nights and Magnolia. Both Ferrell and Reilly play your typical southern redneck, GWB loving dumbass type. If this is the way people in the south really act then God help us all. Anyway, what did I think.

This movie isn't as funny as I was hoping it would be. I had a few laughs here and there but for the most part, the people in the theater including me weren't laughing that much. I was actually kind of dissapointed. I think Wedding Crashers is a better movie and probably the best that the Frat Pack has put out in recent memory. Anyway, I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 4. Hea.


Ricky Bobby: "Thank you baby Jesus for my smoken hot KO of a wife who likes to oats every night...thank you baby Jesus for my victory over the CGI race cars from the Pixar movie Cars....thank you baby Jesus for George W. Bush and his great leadership of this country...thank you baby Jesus for my two dumber than a brick kids....thank you baby Jebus for...."


It was then that Ricky Bobby knew that he shouldn't have eaten that Big Mac at McDonalds. The severe gut rot and explosive diareah forced Ricky to ditch his NASCAR and run around the track where he ran into floating words that read out how many people would die at Talladega due to his extreme flaculence.
Harry: " Whoa, Jesus, Check out the butt on that one."

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