An Inconvenient Truth - (An Inconvenient Stuth)

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An Inconvenient Truth - (An Inconvenient Stuth)

Postby Kaing of Kaings » July 23rd, 2006, 11:35 pm

Now ask yourself this. When does too much methane in the atmosphere become too much? Methane is a Green House gas and it comes from swamps, sewers, and your butt. Many cows are producing methane as we speak and causing the earth's atmosphere to heat up. This is an inconvenient truth faced by myself since I am one of the major culprits of this global problem. I should make a change and stop farting but that is too much for me and some oil and coal companies say that fart is good for the atmosphere and you should smell your own regularly.

This is partially what Al Gore's climate disaster movie is all about. This is a dorkumentary staring the man who won the popular vote in 2000 but lost to a man who has taken the message of Gore and turned it around in favor of the big oil companies. This documentary is very important and should be viewed by or republican. Unfortunately, like the guy over at says, I don't believe that the audience who should see this film will (I.E. Republicans).

If you listen to and believe George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Michael Regan, Bill O'Reily, Shawn Hannity, and all those other conservative talk show hosts, your view of the world is not based on factual science or common sense. Your view is one of the skewed Oil Companies view, where global warming is a myth and not to be taken seriously. Well, if you live in Florida in 50 years, you will wish you thought otherwise. You will realize that these people who you listen too are full of shit and have an agenda of their and profits. And they are suckering you into it too because environmentalism is bad for business and thats not good for the rich people of the world. Fortunately, if you saw this movie, you would realize that it makes business sense to be environmentally friendly and you can prosper too. But you wont listen.

It's important for people to see this film because it uses factual Science and not what oil companies want you to see. You can't argue against the glaciers melting right in front of your eyes, the intensisty of hurricanes recently and the severity of the droughts. You can't argue that the millions of cars, millions of pass gas refineries and coal power plants are not throwing up CO2 into the atmosphere. If you think otherwise, you are a high school dropout who never had a good education...something everybody needs but those who run things don't have. So I challenge you to see this, even if you don't like Al Gore or his lispy talk, you should see this. I don't care if you are black, white, Latino, Mexican, Chinese, republican, democrat, Ralph Nader, Martian or venetian...see this movie. In 50 years, you will wish you had. Hea.

Ok, now that i'm done with that rant, how was the movie. This is along the lines of Fahrenheit 911, Super Size Me, and Enron-The Smartest Guys in the Room but it is not as good. The main problem I had with this movie is when Al Gore started to go into his personal life. The point was to describe why he is the way he is and we get that, but it takes away time that he could of been showing the scientific stuff to prove to all you farters...including me... that global warming is a serious problem. If he would of shown more scientific stuff, we could of had more facts. Despite that, the movie is affective in sending its message and it does have it's funny moments too. It even offers solutions which is cool. And it destroys the oil companies argument that if you cut CO2 emissions that it would hurt business...bullshit, see this movie. I give it 3.7 stars out of 4. Thanks to people like Michael Moore and Morgan Spurlock, we may be seeing more cool documentaries in the future. And if Al Gore can change one persons mind, just one person...then he changes the world entire.


After giving a speech at the University of Wyoming on global warming, Dick Cheney, who was in the audience, cut the power in the auditorium to prevent people from learning the truth about Halliburton. Fortunately for Al Gore, the projector ran on a diesel powered, fuel guzzling, CO2 producing generator.


After viewing An Inconvenient Truth, President George W. Bush tried to stay positive about the future by pretending just for once that he was not the President of the United States but a Muppet in a Jim Hensen production of The Muppets Take Iraq.
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