Click (Dick)

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Click (Dick)

Postby TheStuboy » July 13th, 2006, 9:57 pm

While Wah and everyone else was at the PT wedding of the century last weekend, Supreme and I thought we would go see a movie at the theater. The movie I wanted to see was Click. I mean, I can see Butt Pirates of the Carribean any day.

Spoilers ahead

Adam Sandler's life is starting to suck. I mean, even though his wife is hot, and he isn't that bad off money wise, his life still starts to take a turn for the worse when his job requires more and more of his time.

Plus, he can't seem to ever figure out which remote control turns on the damn TV so he can relax. That is, until one night.
Sandler gets ambitious, and a little pissed, so he heads to Kang Bath and Milond (Bed Bath and Beyond) and runs into a stuboy that looks like yours truely. The stuboy can't seem to remember where anything in the store is and reports that they don't sell Universal Remote Controls.

Sandler, now ready to give up, stumbles on another section of the store called Way Beyond. In it, he finds Christopher Walken, who, as himself, has the perfect solution for Sandler's problems, a Universal Remote that can control anything in his universe.
Basically what happens next is all the stuff you see in the preview, including David Hasselholf getting flatched on, which had to be the funniest scene in the film.

Anyway, the remote starts to learn Sandler's habits and begins to control his life until he can't control it any more. His whole life flashes before him and he realizes all that he has lost because of his stu remote. All the while, Christopher Walken is following Sandler, and letting him know what is going on.

I'm not going to give away much more, but thats basically the scope of Click.


I'm usually weary of Sandler movies these days, and with good reason.

Little Nicky:Sucked
Big Daddy:Sucked
Mr. Deeds:Sucked
Billy Madison:Sucked

As you can see, Adam hasn't had a good rap of movies lately. His characters seem to get old very quickly.

Click is an exception to the list (as is Punch Drunk Mantha).
Click is very unique in that its something never before done on screen. Well, maybe they've done it, but its not like this. The movie has it's own sense of style. It has many funny moments to keep the fans of Sandler going, and enough of the serious moments to shake a stick at.

As other reviews have said, half of this movie is Sandler fooling around Happy Gilmore style. The other half being Punch Drunk Love and Sandler acting in a serious (rare) role.

The movie is very entertaining to say the least, and Sandler's wife, played by Kate Beckinsale, is hot.
Okay, sure some of the sequences, particularly what you see on the previews, are a little kang and far fetched, but hey, its fiction. I wish I had one of those remotes so I could rewind to see oates, I mean, Hall and Oates on TV that one time. Nevermind.

If you enjoyed Happy Gilmore, then you'll like the first half of this movie. If you enjoyed Punch Drunk Love with a more serious Sandler, you'll like the second half. If you like both, you get the idea.

Click, despite its slowness at times and far fetched flatching (see David Hasselholf screaming that his food tastes like shit), is an entertaining and worthwhile flick if you have nothing better to see.

3.1 stars out of 4

One of the powers of the Universal remote is "Instaflatch" which gives the user an unlimited supply of gas, clearly enough to get airborne.

Hey, I forgot all about that Hall and Oates concert on PBS that one day. Didn't Hall have a big head and Oates have a scary look on his face!

Minutes before being flatched on by Sandler, Hasselholf decides he wants to hijack the remote for a little oates, John Oates that is.
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Click Doesn't Suck Dick

Postby Kaing of Kaings » December 3rd, 2006, 8:18 pm

I watched Click last night after I rented it. I must say, it wasn't that bad. It's not up there with Happy Gilmore or Wedding Singer as far as Adam Sandler movies go but it beats the shit out of thoses others he has made. It also has a deeper meaning believe it or not than most Adam Sandler movies. Kate Beckensale is smoken as well and everytime she came on I was like Ahh. I thought this was pretty entertaining and...dare I say it...I even shed a tear at the end. It was the first Adam Sandler movie to inspire me to do that. I know it sounds Kang but I don't care. Anyway, 3.25 stars out of 4. Not that bad.

P.S. Stuboy, don't forget to put a review for "An Inconvenient Stuth".
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