Scary Movie 4 (Scary Movie, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!)

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Scary Movie 4 (Scary Movie, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!)

Postby TheStuboy » April 15th, 2006, 5:46 pm

The creators of Scary Movie Three and the director of such GOOD movies as the Naked Gun series and Airplane, are back for yet another Scary Movie, this time, trying their hardest to make you laugh, and here is the problem, it doesn't work.

Scary Movie 4 is much like Date movie, one parody after another, although, like the other Scary Movies, they tie together at some point or the other.


Here is a list of films this movie spoofs, to name a few:

Saw and Saw II
The Grudge
War of The Worlds
Million Dollar Baby
Brokeback Mountain
The Village (Bill Pulman is in this part) and
The Oprah show where Tom Cruise killed Oprah.

Anyway, Cindy Campell (Anna Farris) is back and must track down a way to kill the evil TrIpod race that is attacking the world. With the help of a baddly cast guy that was supposed to be Tom Cruise, she goes on an adventure and ends up finding her old and supposed to be dead, again, friend, Brenda Meeks (Regina Hall). They go to the village where Bill Pulman knows a secret how to stop the alien race. Here a bunch of people get whacked in the head, which the writers must think is funny, because it shows up numerous times throughout. Anyway, Bill Pullman is killed by Chris Elliot, but Cindy knows the secret. It is her that posesses the power to stop the alien race from taking over. Back with the guy that is playing Tom Cruise, he runs into Michael Madsen who plays Tim Robbin's character in WoW. Anyway, after a stu part, they get caught by the alien race and get sucked up through the butthole. Here is where we return to the Saw spoof, and that about does it.


Scary Movie Four had so much potential to restart the series after the third film flopped, but like the third film, the jokes are getting old and overdone. Not to mention, the movies this film spoofs are all at least two years old besides Brokeback. This movie, while parts are funny, and the spoofs are nicely done, does not live up to the original by all means, and seems very unoriginal.

I was dissapointed with the latest installment and would have liked to have seen something better. Unfortunately, Mr Zucker is getting sloppy that or his writing team needs some new blood. I think four is enough personally, I don't see where the fifth movie can go. It will be greenlit however, trust me, because the theater I was at was packed.

This movie would have been better had stupid people not talked throughout and repeated every joke after it happened. (Useless SPOILER) Look for the killing off of two characters from the third movie, Charlie Sheen and his son in that movie who liked to rap, remember him?

Anyway, Scary Movie Four gets 1.9 Stars out of 4 because it just blew goats. The jokes are overused, the movies it spoofs were lame except WOW, and this movie has nothing impressive to show for it.

Poor Bill Pulman, I hope his career is immune to this kind of stuff, he isn't very funny.

Farris: Wait, I think I found thats just the Scary Movie 5 Script.
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