Lucky Number Slevin (Lucky Number WTF?)

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Lucky Number Slevin (Lucky Number WTF?)

Postby TheStuboy » April 12th, 2006, 6:54 pm

Today I was a minute or two late for the showing of this movie despite having bought my tickets on Fandango and subsequently forgetting about it and having to drive all the way back, yah, pretty good for being only a minute late. Anyway, the movie I chose to see was Lucky Number Slevin, mainly because of the star power and the previews looked cool.


Lucky Number Slevin starts out with a confusing horse race with a guy you see numerous times in the film albeit with different make up so he could play other characters. Then you see Bruce Willis himself doing something he shouldn’t. Then you see New York City in all of its bustling rush hour glory. This is where Jason Fartnet enters the story. He is dropped into an apartment where Lucy Lu just happens to live next door. He has just taken a shower and is admiring his broken nose when Lucy bursts in and catches a glimpse of... anyway she goes bonkers for him and the two have oates after one date, way to go. This begins the confusing part of the story, if it wasn't already confusing enough. Enter Morgan Freeman or "the Boss" and Sir Ben Kaingsly, or "The Rabbi”.

Both Morgan and Ben are bitter enemies after a Shinging gone wrong 20 years prior, but they just happen to live opposite each other in apartment penthouses.

Morgan sees Josh Fartnet first after confusing him for the wrong person. Josh is sent on a mission to corpse a guy. Ben wants some other guy corpsed too, and both want money from Josh Fartnet. The problem is, since he can't pay up, he must agree to kill as many people as he can during the course of an hour and forty-four minutes. All the while, (MAJOR SPOILER) his friend Bruce helps clean up the crime scene and such.

While all this is going on, everyone is extremely smart and quick witted, and everyone knows what is going to happen. Everyone that is except the audience.

Anyway, that is the beef of LNS.

If any of the above story sounds outrageously confusing, its because it is. I don't know, maybe my attention span isn't what it used to be, but I had a hard time following what was going on. Maybe it was the fact that everyone was talking a mile a minute with super big words no normal person would use during a conversation.

On the other hand, maybe it was the fact that this movie contains so many sluggish points, and so many subplots, its really 7 or 8 movies in total. I could describe each of them, but for the sake of time, I will refrain. Anyway...This movie reminds me many Oceans Twelve, both in the fact that it is confusing and badly written, and both in the fact that it is not that great of a movie.

I came into this movie with relatively no expectations and didn't actually see much of it in the trailers either, so I thought it would be cool. Maybe if the stu next to me had turned her phone off, I could have concentrated on the film more, but even then, it was just too damn confusing and the writing was awful. No real person talks like the people in this movie do come on.

The acting was surprisingly good given that the story goes nowhere. Lucy Lu is hot, Bruce is old, Morgan and Kaingsly are crusty guys, and Josh Fartnet is himself, a fart, as well as a few other cast members you should notice if you see this film too.

They are
Bubba from Forrest Gump
Stanley Tucci, who has a very small role
In addition, Sal from Do The Right Thing, Danny Aiello.

While this movie wasn't a complete waste of time and was entertaining, I didn't enjoy how confusing it was, although the ending helps explain a lot. This is why I referenced Oceans Twelve, because you go, ah I see, boy is that lame. Expect Crusty acting from Freeman, and an ever-changing accent from Kaingsly, as well as stiffness from Bruce Willis. Hotness from Lucy Lu, and Kangness from Josh Fartnet.

Lucky Number WTF gets 2.7 stars out of 4. It beats Firewall too.

Tucci (thinking to self) Why did they have to stick my role in the most confusing part of the movie, no one will even know I star in this thing!

Freeman: Oh my lord lord lord, mmhmm, today, I think I'll get a bag ova my head, so I can get corpsed by the white man, mmhmm"
"I won, you losht, get ushed to it shon"
Danny Glovershh - Shhootersh.
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